• Sep 01

    736 – Hanging with Mr Purple


    Annoy Your Friends

      – Kick off with a special appearance from **nationally touring comedian Dan Cummins**.
      – Learn about his new YouTube comedy special, and explore the diverse range of content he offers. Dive into podcasts like “Timesuck” and “Scared to Death”. All the details and his new comedy special link can be found [here](https://dancummins.tv/).

      – Experience the “Cummins Curse” firsthand as internet glitches plague the show:
      – Video problems make for a comedic disaster during Dan Cummins’ interview. With consistent tech issues each time …

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    • Aug 18

      734 – Magical Moon Lagoon


      Annoy Your Friends

        **Exploring Whimsical Topics and Everyday Musings:**
        – Tom delves into his “good ideas,” sparking a conversation about creativity and innovation.
        – The hosts discuss the concept of letting go and allowing life’s chains to guide us in unexpected directions.
        – The topic shifts to the intriguing notion of a “magical moon lagoon” and the whimsy it evokes.
        – The hosts share amusing anecdotes, including Tom’s experience of sitting on a pile of mud.

        **The Great Hot Dog War and Culinary Adventures:**
        – The …

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      • Aug 11

        733 – Kingpin’s Boner


        Annoy Your Friends

          – A peculiar discussion about scuba beds kicks off the show.

          – The hosts share thoughts on the importance of choosing names that are easy to spell for children.

          – “Meet the Teacher” events spark a conversation about school and parenting experiences.

          – Nostalgia takes center stage as the hosts reminisce about Z’Cavaricci pants and pinstripes.

          – Boner-related anecdotes add a humorous twist to the conversation, including one involving King Pin.

          – Tom contemplates whether his sons are too young to watch South Park and its potential …

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        • Aug 08


          Annoy Your Friends

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          • Aug 02

            732 – Coochie Boogers


            Annoy Your Friends


              – The hosts kick off the show with one of the audience’s favorites, the WifeCast!

              – They delve into the mysterious topic of “Coochie Boogers” and explore what they are.

              – Crystal shares her experience with Labyrinthitis, a condition she has been suffering from.

              – The hosts engage in a fun segment of “Just give us a WHOA!” with exciting and surprising revelations.

              – They discuss the art of putting in a trash bag liner and share tips on how to do it efficiently.

              – Dream jobs …

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