• Nov 06

    745 – Feeding the Ducks


    Annoy Your Friends


      **Full Show Notes:**

      On this unmissable episode of Tom & Dan LIVE STREAM:

      – **Comedy Central**: Tom and Dan share their experience at Dave Chappelle’s show at the Amway Center. Hear what it’s like to be phone-free and immersed in the world of comedy.

      – **Smoke Gets in Your Eyes**: The guys recount the surreal moment when Dave Chappelle lit up inside the arena, sparking a smoky revolution among the attendees.

      – **Robot Rampage**: In-studio …

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    • Oct 13

      742-Ghost in the Meat

      TC Vann

      Annoy Your Friends


        **Full Show Notes for the T&D Friday Free Show LIVE Stream**:
        1. **Ian If’s Tarot Tales**: Special guest Ian If is present to provide tarot card readings, likely offering comedic and peculiar insights into the hosts’ futures.
        2. **Supernatural Steak**: “Ghost in the meat” perhaps involves a bizarre or humorous story relating to supernatural beliefs and possibly some questionable meat.
        3. **Sam’s Symbolic Numbers**: Discussion around Sam experiencing frequent occurrences of the numbers 3 and 6, potentially diving into numerology or coincidental phenomena.
        4. **The Devil’s …

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      • Oct 06

        741 – Dirty Dads

        TC Vann

        Annoy Your Friends


          741 – Dirty Dads
          **Full Notes for the T&D LIVE Stream**:
          1. **Strike Alert**: Seth has decided to go on strike. Why, and what are his demands?
          2. **Negotiating with Tom**: How does Tom respond to Seth’s strike, and what’s the outcome of their negotiations?
          3. **EJ’s Input**: Regular caller EJ drops in with his two cents on the situation.
          4. **Raise Poll**: The debate heats up as a call-in poll pits Seth against Sam for a raise. Who will the listeners favor?
          5. **Game Night Observations**: Speculations …

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        • Sep 29

          740-See Ya at Sniffies

          TC Vann

          Annoy Your Friends


            1. **Concert Woes**: Tom’s less than enthusiastic anticipation for the NOFX show.
            2. **Venue Gripes**: A collective groan about the Orlando Ampitheater, hailed as possibly the worst venue they’ve experienced.
            3. **Staycation Tales**: Tom & Dan share their candid reviews about the Grand Bohemian.
            4. **Orlando Underbelly**: Delving into the concerns over downtown gang issues.
            5. **Home Nomo**: Exploring what it’s all about and its implications.
            6. **The Unpleasant**: A curious investigation into Feces gate and the notorious Doodoo Alley.
            7. **A Mural of Mischief**: The mystifying case …

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          • Sep 08

            737 – Crooked Pecker Magoo


            Annoy Your Friends


              * Dan sets the pace with his Peloton jams.
              * The debate: Dog car seats – necessity or luxury?
              * A scenic walk around Lake Eola – what’s not to love?
              * Dreaming of Alaskan adventures.
              * Spotting Magoo around town.
              * A rather unexpected invitation to swing.
              * The mysterious art of “Cooking the eggs.”
              * Grandpa’s intriguing tales about his crooked pecker.
              * The secret world of bathhouses.
              * T&D debut on Cameo!
              * A shocking revelation on QVC: Santa …

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