• Oct 05

    BDM 24ct Golden Ale RELEASE VIDEO


    Annoy Your Friends

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    • Oct 01

      Tom Vann Death Slide!


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      Posted By tony@ahoy-cruises.com on October 1 2018 | Comments (0)

    • Sep 30

      Show #489 – T-Birds


      Annoy Your Friends


        “This is Greg the Plant. He’s in the lobby at the studio.”

        Happy International Podcast Day 2018!

        We’re not really sure what the means, but it’s a thing. It seems like everything has its own day these days. Hell, even me and Tom have a day. I think it’s in March or something. Could be April. No idea. I digress.

        For years now, Tom and I have been bringing up the topic of testosterone¬†and who’s high and low. Dan has an insatiable¬†sex drive…Tom …

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      • Sep 22

        Show #488 – 14 Years – No Puke


        Annoy Your Friends


          “Some guy in a red shirt, Kellen Erskine, and Panama Harvey”

          What an f’n show yesterday! Holy moly, that was a good one!

          I love me some John Busdeker, and it’s always great to have his level of AUTHENTIC positivity vibe through the studio. Bus is a great guy, and it makes all of us here at T&D Media happy that his Orlando60 deal is flourishing. I don’t think that there are many out there more worthy of some success. Make sure …

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          Posted By dan on September 22 2018 | Comments (2)

        • Aug 25

          Show #484 – Butler’s Knob


          Annoy Your Friends

            Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 5.38.02 PM

            Dan, Tom, Josh Wolf, and the person who runs the show – Sam.

            Hey there, gang…HAPPY SATURDAY!

            I just got done making a couple of omelets for the gals and I think we’re going to attempt to go swimming today before all hell breaks loose in the sky. (Apparently, here in Central Florida, it’s going to be nothing but a storm-fest today. Boo. I need some outside time.)

            Yesterday’s show was nothing short of an f’n blast! The team has really been trying …

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