• Aug 08


    Annoy Your Friends

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    • Aug 02

      732 – Coochie Boogers


      Annoy Your Friends


        – The hosts kick off the show with one of the audience’s favorites, the WifeCast!

        – They delve into the mysterious topic of “Coochie Boogers” and explore what they are.

        – Crystal shares her experience with Labyrinthitis, a condition she has been suffering from.

        – The hosts engage in a fun segment of “Just give us a WHOA!” with exciting and surprising revelations.

        – They discuss the art of putting in a trash bag liner and share tips on how to do it efficiently.

        – Dream jobs …

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      • Jul 28

        731 – Gay Leading the Blind


        Annoy Your Friends

          – The show kicks off with a call with Tiffany, where they discuss various topics, including explaining NPC’s (Non-Playable Characters) to Tiffany.

          – The conversation turns to 20-year high school reunions, reminiscing about the past.

          – Tom finds himself in a debt with Max over a game of Smash Bros.

          – Brendan shares his experience of attending the Sam Smith concert with a blind man, highlighting the unique perspective it brought to the event.

          – The discussion includes Big Daddy adventures and Brendan’s upcoming trip to …

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        • Jul 21

          730 – I Don’t Understand Why He Don’t Understand


          Annoy Your Friends

            – Ross joins for the Friday Free Show and promotes his upcoming comedy show, “What Do You Want From Us?!” at the Bull & Bush on Saturday night.

            – “What Do You Want From Us?!” is an interactive stand-up comedy show where the audience directs the content and energy through real-time voting.

            – For more info and tickets, visit: https://www.bandsintown.com/e/104594006?affil_code=js_www-larryfulford-com.filesusr.com&app_id=js_www-larryfulford-

            – Comedian David Jolly calls in to share insights from his appearance on “Kill Tony” this week, and he’s preparing to move to Austin.

            – …

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          • Jul 14

            729 – The Dog Sht My Pants


            Annoy Your Friends

              – Get ready for an extraordinary LIVE stream as we welcome the talented national touring comedian, Luenell!

              – Luenell joins us directly from the airport and graces the show with her presence for an extra-long first segment.

              – Don’t miss Luenell’s two shows tonight and two shows tomorrow at www.theimprovorlando.com. Follow her on Instagram @luenell for more laughs and updates.

              – Luenell shares her hilarious experience of getting drunk at the Usher Vegas show.

              – Hear the incredible story of Luenell being scooped up by Dave …

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