• Jan 12

    754- Crows Disease

    TC Vann

    Annoy Your Friends


      1. **Guests**: Brendan O’Connor and Mandy Harlan join the show.
      2. **Science of Weed**: Exploring the scientific aspects and effects of marijuana.
      3. **Marijuana Yoga Event**: Discussing an event combining yoga and cannabis.
      4. **Crow’s Disease**: A segment on this specific topic.
      5. **Getting Too High**: Addressing the issue of overconsumption of marijuana.
      6. **Tricks to Bring Yourself Down from a High**: Practical tips for managing an intense marijuana high.
      7. **Brendan’s Chicken Sitting**: Brendan shares his experiences with chicken sitting.
      8. **Tom Getting His Bike Fitted**: Tom talks …

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      Posted By TC Vann on January 12 2024 | Comments (0)

    • Dec 15

      751 – Baby Tampon Car


      Annoy Your Friends


        Happy Friday! Thanks for checking out the show, folks, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! It looks like I’ll be rolling solo most of this weekend due to Maisie’s dance schedule. This should give me enough time to work on the electric scooter. I’m really excited to see you guys tomorrow night, and for those planning to come out, please be very careful. Remember, don’t drink and drive. Opt for an Uber or find a designated driver. They’re saying …

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        Posted By dan on December 15 2023 | Comments (0)

      • Dec 08

        750 – Random Boners & Moles


        Annoy Your Friends


          Thanks so much to those of you who caught this live on Twitch or YouTube. We’ve been having a good time with that lately and have a good group of folks over there hanging out in the chat room. Find the links at the bottom of the page. Here’s to another “almost to the holidays” weekend! Man, it seems like when it gets to be this time of year, the time is just straight flying! Mai is dance crazy, so I will …

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          Posted By dan on December 8 2023 | Comments (0)

        • Dec 01

          749 – Toilet Paper Winter Wonderland


          Annoy Your Friends


            And just like that, another weekend was born. Special thanks to Brendan Oconner from Bungalower and the Bus and Bugalower.com for his time today. We’re very lucky to have that dude pop by. All of us here hope that you have good weekends and make sure you like and subscribe and all that stuff that the kids tell you to do.

            – d


            1. **Tom’s School Event Escape**: Tom shares his experience at the Winter Wonderland school event, taking a cue from Dan and …

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            Posted By dan on December 1 2023 | Comments (0)

          • Nov 22

            748 – Beef Punching the Head


            Annoy Your Friends


              And just like that, Thanksgiving was here. Thanksgiving is a strange one for me. So much of Thanksgiving was spent by me, normally at my Mom and Dad’s, cooking and watching football. We were such a small family, but I really do cherish the time that I got and those small and intimate moments with my parents. I realize only now how truly lucky I was to have great people who loved me and never did anything BUT support me. As a …

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              Posted By dan on November 22 2023 | Comments (0)


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