• Nov 17

    747 – Beaverjuice


    Annoy Your Friends


      Well, that took way longer than I thought. Special thanks to the studio iMac for trying to mess with me this afternoon by having a complete meltdown. After a few toots and stepping away, I was able to rescue the files that were missing and piece this puppy together. My apologies for the delay. The orb is in this room, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it affect this show or the beer fest or the couch races! Ok. …

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    • Nov 10

      746 – Kayaking Bundy


      Annoy Your Friends


        In true 09′ style, there will not be show notes today, but please enjoy these links that we constantly barf at you. – d


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      • Nov 06

        745 – Feeding the Ducks


        Annoy Your Friends


          **Full Show Notes:**

          On this unmissable episode of Tom & Dan LIVE STREAM:

          – **Comedy Central**: Tom and Dan share their experience at Dave Chappelle’s show at the Amway Center. Hear what it’s like to be phone-free and immersed in the world of comedy.

          – **Smoke Gets in Your Eyes**: The guys recount the surreal moment when Dave Chappelle lit up inside the arena, sparking a smoky revolution among the attendees.

          – **Robot Rampage**: In-studio …

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        • Oct 13

          742-Ghost in the Meat

          TC Vann

          Annoy Your Friends


            **Full Show Notes for the T&D Friday Free Show LIVE Stream**:
            1. **Ian If’s Tarot Tales**: Special guest Ian If is present to provide tarot card readings, likely offering comedic and peculiar insights into the hosts’ futures.
            2. **Supernatural Steak**: “Ghost in the meat” perhaps involves a bizarre or humorous story relating to supernatural beliefs and possibly some questionable meat.
            3. **Sam’s Symbolic Numbers**: Discussion around Sam experiencing frequent occurrences of the numbers 3 and 6, potentially diving into numerology or coincidental phenomena.
            4. **The Devil’s …

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          • Oct 06

            741 – Dirty Dads

            TC Vann

            Annoy Your Friends


              741 – Dirty Dads
              **Full Notes for the T&D LIVE Stream**:
              1. **Strike Alert**: Seth has decided to go on strike. Why, and what are his demands?
              2. **Negotiating with Tom**: How does Tom respond to Seth’s strike, and what’s the outcome of their negotiations?
              3. **EJ’s Input**: Regular caller EJ drops in with his two cents on the situation.
              4. **Raise Poll**: The debate heats up as a call-in poll pits Seth against Sam for a raise. Who will the listeners favor?
              5. **Game Night Observations**: Speculations …

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