• Jun 30

    727 – Double Celery


    Annoy Your Friends

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    • Jun 23

      726 – Brown Butt Gene


      Annoy Your Friends


        – On today’s Friday Free Show, we dive into a mix of quirky tales, entertaining discussions, and unforgettable moments.

        – The segment kicks off with the unconventional decision of hiring a bagpipe man for a lizard funeral, showcasing the unique and humorous side of our hosts.

        – Seth treats us to a fly-themed poem, displaying his creative prowess and adding a touch of poetic humor to the show.

        – The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s rivalry becomes a topic …

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      • Jun 16

        725 – Trash in the Shadows


        Annoy Your Friends


          Join us for this week’s Friday Free show titled “Trash in the Shadows” as we dive into various topics, from resort stays to visiting the Gaylord Palms. Tom and Dan share their humorous insights, engage with listeners, and deliver entertaining discussions. Tune in for a fun-filled episode that is sure to keep you entertained.

          Full Show Notes:

          – We explore various intriguing topics and hilarious conversations on this week’s Friday Free show.

          – Tom and Dan discuss the experience of staying at a resort and …

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        • Jun 14

          724 – RIP Luca ft. The Bus


          Annoy Your Friends


            Join Tom and Dan on the first half of today’s LIVE stream as they welcome the talented Jon Busdeker. Together, they delve into various intriguing topics, including Luca’s passing and planning a funeral, the comedy world, relationships, UFOs, and more. Prepare for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation that will leave you both entertained and enlightened.

            Full Show Notes:

            – On the first half of today’s LIVE stream, Tom and Dan are joined by the multi-talented Jon Busdeker for an exciting and insightful discussion.

            – The …

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          • Jun 02

            723 – Mr. Shaft & the Flushes


            Annoy Your Friends


              Join Tom and Dan on today’s Friday Free Show LIVE stream for a jam-packed episode filled with exciting updates, hilarious discussions, and unexpected surprises. From new music releases to engagements, pregnancy announcements, and thought-provoking debates, this episode has it all. Dive into the world of Mr. Shaft & the Flushes and explore a wide range of topics, from family milestones to controversial news stories. Get ready for an entertaining and unforgettable show!

              Full Notes:

              – The episode kicks off with a brand-new song from …

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