• Jan 09



    Annoy Your Friends


      I’m obviously awful at this.

      In an attempt to NOT say the phrase “full transparency” I’m just going use the hashtag “#RealTalk” instead. So here’s the deal; when we get done with the show on Friday’s, we’re all taxed and ready to go home. I always think that I’m going to be able to make my show notes later that night but then the family aspect of life gets in the way, and then life moves on. I’m sorry guys. I’ve just got …

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    • Nov 26



      Annoy Your Friends


        What a holiday…

        …although I will tell you that it’s hard for me and Tom to take time or at least make room for family stuff. Not only have we set a precedent that we don’t like to take time off (means running “Best Of”…) but we’re lucky enough to tape – which means that we can always try hard to pre-record a show for you. We did Thanksgiving together this year and it was nothing short of amazing! All of the kids had …

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      • Nov 04

        SHOW #443 – POPEYE GAGA


        Annoy Your Friends


          Hey, there gang!

          I hope these show notes find you well and you’re all waking up and marveling at this amazing Florida weather like I am. This is why we live here folks! Wait – That would be silly to say considering that we only get weather like this for about the 3 days and then it back to the sweltering heat. Well, at any rate – try to get out there today and enjoy a little bit of these temperatures. I know …

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        • Oct 30

          SHOW #442 – POOF’N THE COOCH


          Annoy Your Friends


            I ate too many sugar cookies. No seriously. I did.

            Apologies for writing to you guys so damned late. I know, I know – but the weekend and not having to work on it sort of got away from me! I’m not used to actually having the time to sit and just do nothing and apparently it was much needed because I took advantage of every single moment. I was able to play video games – wash my scooter – play Peppa pig with …

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            Posted By dan on October 30 2017 | Comments (2)

          • Oct 21

            SHOW #441 – YOU BETTER CALL TYRONE


            Annoy Your Friends


              Hey, there gang!

              I hope this show recap finds you well and we’re always happy to have you hang out with us for yet another “Friday Free Show.” As always, we had a really, really, REALLY great time! So…on this week’s show:

              -Government spending

              -Tom is not affectionate 

              -King of quinoa 

              -Tommy got slime in his hair

              -The gingerbread man

              -Barfing Fidel Castro

              This was a fun week but I’ll be honest and say that sh*t …

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              Posted By dan on October 21 2017 | Comments (2)


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