• Jun 09

    Show #474 – Poker For Schmucks


    Annoy Your Friends


      Happy Friday F’ers!

      We hope that this Friday is nothing but amazing for you.

      We dedicate this show to Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Mental health is real. Anxiety and depression is real. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and is a problem that many of us have and deal with. Including me. I deal with anxiety and depression on the daily – nothing at all on this level but yeah – I get it. Please take care of yourselves and if you ever …

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    • May 25

      Show #472 – If We Were Crackers


      Annoy Your Friends

        SONY DSC

        Hey, there gang and here’s to the holiday weekend! Tom and I hope that you guys a wonderful time. We did the show a touch early this week because my Momma is recovering from her foot surgery and Tom and I were both going to out of town. (Not now. F’n weather is terrible here! Orlando is storm central.)

        On this week’s show:

        -Quiz-Master Curtis Earth is here

        -Bus vs. Man-Bus Trivia

        -Ti**y club tacos

        -Dirty rhymes

        -If we were crackers

        -Busdeker has a theme song

        -Hold on to your …

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      • May 18

        Show #471 – One Night Butt


        Annoy Your Friends


          Oh man…it’s Fringe Week on AMT, ACT, and T&D Media. This got goofy. 

          -Seth is here to talk about his trip to Paris

          -Seth got sick again, possibly from eating butt

          -No doo-doo freckles

          -One night butt

          -Special video for Samantha

          -The Toasted Theatre Company girls are here

          -The Wheel of Fucking


          -Masturbation stories

          -Spread the squid

          -Seth watched a snuff film as a kid

          -Are you smarter than Daniel’s daughter


          See you next week!


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        • May 11

          Show #470 – We Da Best Pappas!


          Annoy Your Friends


            Hi. Dan here.


            What a week. This has been one of the most tumultuously stressful weeks that T&D Media has ever seen. Truly. But so is business, and so is life. When you can’t control every aspect, roadblocks are bound to happen. They make you more focused, more cautious, and healthy.

            On this week’s show:

            -Texas Ranger whiskey and AIDS clip

            -Bang! Energy drink

            -Doctor vs. paintball man

            -A paintball pimple

            -Car umbrellas

            -Black passy

            -Tom’s theory= People are inclined to listen to people more that look like them

            -Hog the helicopter …

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          • Apr 13

            SHOW #466 – NO FINGERPRINTS LEFT


            Annoy Your Friends


              Oh boy,

              This show got off the rails quick. One of the more interesting and bizarre guests stopped by. You’re really gonna enjoy this show. Other than that, it has been a crazy week. Tom and Dan have been all over the city promoting the documentary. Tickets are still available for the Dr. Phillips Center show (shameless plug).


              -Doo Doo Flies are Back.

              -Kirk, the Documentary Director, Stops By.

              -Tom and Dan Fan Fiction.

              -Pee-Pee Cup.

              -Hold in a Fart and Explode.

              -Kids in Bars.

              -Lee’s Fake New Friday Game.

              -Hand-Job …

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