• Sep 17

    638 – The Scared Ninja and Sarah


    Annoy Your Friends


      Ouch. Face hurts. (It hurts us too! 🤣)

      There are few things that I enjoy more than laughing. Today was a much-needed chat with friends that had me rolling and also proved to me that most of my friends are insane. I’m going to leave the notes space today. I’m tired and really just want to go home and smoke weed and play Madden. See my kid. Have a fantastic weekend, please be safe, and we’ll see you Monday. (Remember…all-new shows!!! We stocked …

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    • Sep 10

      637 – Blow the Boogers Out


      Annoy Your Friends

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      • Sep 03

        636 – Douche for Trump Truck


        Annoy Your Friends


          Hey there, kids! What’s shakin’!!!???

          We tried to keep this one fun and loose wandering into the big holiday weekend. There’s not much exciting to report other than we would like for you to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to both our Twitch and our YouTube channels. It doesn’t look like this crap is going away, so we’ll be there. lol


          On this week’s show:

          * Tom swapped cars with Seth
          * Seth’s traffic infractions
          * Sledgehammer bricks
          * Did Tom get the valet key?
          * Seth’s …

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        • Aug 27

          635 – Quarter Azz


          Annoy Your Friends

            Screenshot 2021-08-28 7.04.45 AM

            First off, what a damn fun Friday! Thanks to EJ for stopping by and hanging for a bit! (His wife’s event – MyCon – will be going on this weekend. If you’re into the conventions and the nerd stuff, then this might be your jam.) Oh, and before I jump into the show notes, do me a huge favor and subscribe to the “strongest stream in Orlando!” lol We broadcast daily on Twitch.tv. If you’re not familiar, it’s extremely similar to …

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          • Aug 20

            634 – KimBoat Slice


            Annoy Your Friends


              Let’s get to note’n.

              Do you dorks even read this? There are times when I’m just sitting here at the studio, hammering away on these and I ask myself; “Do folks really care about the typed-out notes that accompany our show? Should I go home already? Do they scan this to see what the hell we did that day? I mean, I guess it matters if you’re doing a quick search of the notes but I’m not even sure we have that capability!” …

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