• Jul 15

    Show #478 – Tommy Buffett


    Annoy Your Friends



      Wow. I really took my time on that one, huh? It’s really hard to justify sitting at the studio and typing up the show notes when I could be just sitting at a restaurant with my wife and daughter and eating the finest of fajitas. Do you like-a-the fajitas? Man. That’s like one of my top three things to eat and I think that I could eat them morning noon and night. It’s like a fancier taco that you have to make yourself. …

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    • Jul 04

      Show #477 – Groupon Patty


      Annoy Your Friends


        Thank you kindly for listening, everybody!

        It’s Dan – coming at you from AMTStudio3. I dropped by the studio to release this week’s show early before Tom and our families all head out for a mini-vacation. Don’t worry – I feel incredibly confident that we’ll have a damn beautiful collection of stories from the holiday weekend. And, Tom and I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you enjoy the hell out of this 4th of July 2018!

        On this week’s show:

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      • Jun 22

        T&Dメガミックス 2.0 (T&D Mega Mix 2.0)


        Annoy Your Friends


          Hey, there Mediocre family.

          It’s Dan, (Tom, Sam, and Travis are all here too) coming at you from AMTStudio3. Today is a tough one. You guys listen to the show, so you know that our families – all families for the most part – have their fair share of tragedy. Yesterday, my wife Andrea lost her younger brother Jon to a motorcycle accident.

          I know that many of you knew him – had met him – maybe even cruised with him on a “Tom and …

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        • Jun 17

          Show #475 – Real Man Dad Contest!


          Annoy Your Friends


            Hey there, gang!

            It’s Sunday morning, and I’m sorry I was sleeping on the show notes. I’ve been trying not to work as much when I get home, and this weekend, I was reasonably successful at that. (Although, I will say that now I’m working and when asked what I wanted to do for Father’s Day, I told Andrea and Maisie that I wanted to wash my scooter and rehang the curtains at the studio. Jesus. That’s about as lame as it gets.)

            Happy …

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          • Jun 09

            Show #474 – Poker For Schmucks


            Annoy Your Friends


              Happy Friday F’ers!

              We hope that this Friday is nothing but amazing for you.

              We dedicate this show to Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Mental health is real. Anxiety and depression is real. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and is a problem that many of us have and deal with. Including me. I deal with anxiety and depression on the daily – nothing at all on this level but yeah – I get it. Please take care of yourselves and if you ever …

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