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    Annoy Your Friends


      Andres and Lyanne are friends of the show. Truly. In fact, they are some of the first “Miami Friends” that Andrea and I met through our friendship with Tom and Crystal. They are precious to me. Seriously. As I get older, the laughs I get with them become more and more precious, and when it’s just me here at the studio, posting the show, I get a little sentimental. Everything is just happening so FAST! Hahaha… Thanks to those who caught the stream live, and we’ll see you back here on Monday! – d


      – Greetings and casual talk in “Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” intro

      – Friends from Miami visiting for a concert

      – Discussing odd names and their pronunciations

      – Promoting Tom and Dan Cruise 2024, confusion over similar domains

      – Reflecting on past with “the Browns” and “Heroin Alley” adventures

      – Their impact on Tom’s radio career and DVD sales at events

      – Tom’s legal wedding at Predators game, oddity, Corey Feldman signing license

      – Family’s reaction to marriage joke, parents unknowingly funded real wedding

      – Humorous job at Orange County, minimal duties

      – Simple job role, pressing a button to balance property ledgers

      – Minimal oversight in casual work environment, inefficiencies in government jobs

      – Nostalgia for simpler times with beepers and pagers

      – Job security issues, perceived inefficiency in some government roles

      – Comparing job scams in Miami to legitimate roles

      – Friend honored as Teacher of the Year, fun teaching methods

      – Modern teaching challenges, strict vs. lenient parenting, “grandparenting” style

      – Skepticism towards homeopathic remedies, humorous old wives’ tales

      – Health ring technology debate, traditional vs. homeopathic efficacy

      – St. Augustine travel, dining favorites, concert ticket challenges

      – Avoiding traffic, humorous strategies during jams

      – Discussing slang with kids, reflecting on personal relationships

      – Casual medical procedure anecdotes, unexpected vomit incident

      – Relationship dynamics, maintaining households, quirky DIY home projects

      – Childhood memories of riding in trucks, casual safety norms

      – Career transition to barbering, importance of pursuing passions

      Community and friend support during career changes, celebrating long-time listener’s significant career shift


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