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    Annoy Your Friends


      I hope to see some of you guys at the Magic game tonight! To say that I’ve had the bug is an understatement. I have watched every single game this year! (I don’t even think I’ve done that for my Atlanta Falcons!) Anyway – gotta jet, but thank you for watching and listening! We love you guys. go magics! – d


      – BudDocs.org offers medical marijuana licenses with initial telemedicine visits and ongoing accessibility.

      – Dr. Shenlate’s BudDeals program aggregates dispensary discounts.

      – Refund guarantee for ineligible medical marijuana license applicants.

      – Introduce “Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” speakers.

      – Explore emotional sensitivity and dynamics among co-hosts.

      – Highlight new sponsors in marijuana and tea sectors.

      – Feature Brendan O’Connor from Bungalower.com as a guest.

      – Share personal anecdotes and quirky habits.

      – Promote Tom and Dan cruise with interactive events like “mediocre idol.”

      – Discuss challenges in personal relationships and fidelity.

      – Reflect on regret and moral choices in personal actions.

      – Announce upcoming cruise with beach parties and entertainment.

      – Address local venue shooting: safety and permitting issues discussed.

      – Critique media and governance on event hosting misrepresentation.

      – Introduce Airbnb Icon series with unique lodging experiences.

      – Utilize fantasy scenarios like the “Up” house to discuss serious topics like suicide.

      – Feature special Airbnb themes like “X-Men 97″ and Prince’s “Purple Rain” house.

      – Propose themed Airbnbs based on “The Office,” “The Simpsons,” and other popular media.

      – Explore potential Disney and Universal themed accommodations and legal challenges.

      – Discuss high costs leading to the commercial failure of the Star Wars-themed hotel.

      – Market Star Wars themed blue milk as a cultural icon.

      – Enhance Airbnb experiences through local partnerships and convert guests to show listeners.

      – Discuss monetization challenges and strategies for Airbnb and sponsorships.

      – Suggest themed stays like historic and character-themed accommodations.

      – Reflect on public and governance changes impacting the Parliament House Hotel.

      – Discuss “Wally’s” to “Walters” rebranding and public reaction.

      – Analyze digital conversations’ impact on real estate perceptions.

      – Examine societal influence of online comments through real-life examples.

      – Discuss AI voice misuse for impersonation and its social implications.

      – Compare AI-generated art with traditional art, emphasizing human creativity.

      – Debate ethics of AI in art creation and its impact on artistic value.

      – Discuss public trust issues due to advanced AI in media and personal communications.

      – Consider AI’s role in art authenticity and the devaluation of traditional skills.

      – Reflect on AI’s potential to fabricate damaging content and societal shifts.

      – Call from a listener reminiscing about the show and suggesting commemorative activities.

      – Discuss corporate responsibilities for past harmful stunts.

      – Explore documentary or celebration ideas for a show character or anniversary.

      – Discuss the impact of AI on authenticity, misinformation, and personal privacy.

      – Delve into quirky vehicle communities and themed vehicle creation for personal expression.

      – Discuss Burning Man’s cultural significance, celebrity influence, and attendee experiences.

      – Address anxiety management in personal and professional life.

      – Share personal anecdotes on mental health struggles and stigma reduction.

      – Debate the authenticity of squirting in sexual activities and related personal experiences.

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