• Jun 01

    Show #162 – Wedding Photog’s and calls galore. (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hello kids…thanks for downloading.

      First things first…for those of you that were thinking about getting a shirt or a hat from www.TomandDan.com, you can now get double the shirts! Order one shirt or a hat and get a free Danger Brain shirt while supplies last! They’re pretty rad shirt too…I’ve got one on right now! (Totally not kidding…) Thanks to Nate from Studio222Photography for not only shoot pictures of us today but also telling us a few photography stories. We’ll put …

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      Posted By dan on June 1 2012 | Comments (16)

    • May 25

      Show #161 – Are we bugged? THAT’S A BUG! (Show Recap…)


      Annoy Your Friends

        The Bug

        Thanks for all of you that have stuck by us. …listen to the show if you want anymore than just that statement. Today…we were a little bit more back to normal. I’m sure you’ll agree.

        On today’s show:

        Dan’s Underware.

        Are we bugged?

        Dan’s big BM.

        Etchie and Pedro get bummed all of the time…

        Reggie Watts and Jenna Hirt LIVE from DC


        Mellow Mike returns with trivia…

        Bible chat with Tom and Dan…and a guy.

        Ross’ News

        To all of you that have been worried about where the show is going…let …

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      • May 21



        Annoy Your Friends


          We’re trying our best to compile a list of the “slang terms” that we use on the show…complete with definitions. That’s where you guys come in…

          …Tom and I don’t know, remember, nor do we care about all of the things that we say or said.

          So…would you guys mind starting a thread of “T&D Terms” and helping us with this little project? (It’s a hell of a lot more fun than thinking about the last 3 weeks.) Please be sure to include the …

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          Posted By dan on May 21 2012 | Comments (467)

        • May 18

          SHOW #160 – A New Beginning. (Show Rundown…)


          Annoy Your Friends


            Exactly what it says…


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          • May 07

            Well at least we’ve got NEW MERCH!!!


            Annoy Your Friends

              AMT Hat 2

              While we’re still attempting to sort things out…we didn’t forget about the new shirt that we mentioned to you guys! “Goodbye Razzles” shirts ARE IN and “Cool Dude” hats are BACK IN STOCK!

              If you wanna help us out…you should at least get something rad for your back or your head…check out our merchandise section and go nuts!

              All love…


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              Posted By dan on May 7 2012 | Comments (568)


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