• Jun 08

    Show #163 – What’s Shakin’ Granny! (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      T&D Granny

      First and foremost, a very special thanks to Granny Vicki for allowing us to call her and for being on the show. If you don’t know what we’re talking about then you need to hang out until the third segment of the show. Truly one of the greatest moments in T&D history…our first granny interview.

      On today’s show:

      Rupe…in studio.

      A tour of Dan’s house.

      “I forgot about my Lambo.”

      Automatic Pancake maker.

      Condoms and Bibles.


      Bikers. What’s up with that?

      Kanye Shoes.


      The Mediocre Trucker.

      The first interview of “What’s Shakin’ …

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    • Jun 08

      www.studio222photography.com …thanks guys!


      Annoy Your Friends

        Full Studio

        Thanks to our friends Becka and Nate from www.studio222photography.com for taking these pro-ass shots of our mugs for the latest issue of “Basement Chatter Weekly.” Most everything (photography) that we’ve ever had for the show has been from events and it’s nice to actually document the new studio, Ross and how it really goes down. Thanks again guys!

        To check out the pictures…CLICK “Real More” below.


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      • Jun 04

        Drink your peppers.


        Annoy Your Friends

          Pepper Mugs

          These amazing, two sided “Drink your peppers…” mugs were sent to us by a listener buddy of our, Thomas. He’s the CEO of a company that does nothing but this type of stuff. You really have to see them in person to appreciate how nice he made a stupid idea of ours. Would love to sell these but seeing that there are only two in the world…they would be SUPER expensive. Thanks again to Thomas and to his company ThermoServ…you didn’t have …

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        • Jun 01

          Show #162 – Wedding Photog’s and calls galore. (Show Recap…)


          Annoy Your Friends


            Hello kids…thanks for downloading.

            First things first…for those of you that were thinking about getting a shirt or a hat from www.TomandDan.com, you can now get double the shirts! Order one shirt or a hat and get a free Danger Brain shirt while supplies last! They’re pretty rad shirt too…I’ve got one on right now! (Totally not kidding…) Thanks to Nate from Studio222Photography for not only shoot pictures of us today but also telling us a few photography stories. We’ll put …

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          • May 25

            Show #161 – Are we bugged? THAT’S A BUG! (Show Recap…)


            Annoy Your Friends

              The Bug

              Thanks for all of you that have stuck by us. …listen to the show if you want anymore than just that statement. Today…we were a little bit more back to normal. I’m sure you’ll agree.

              On today’s show:

              Dan’s Underware.

              Are we bugged?

              Dan’s big BM.

              Etchie and Pedro get bummed all of the time…

              Reggie Watts and Jenna Hirt LIVE from DC


              Mellow Mike returns with trivia…

              Bible chat with Tom and Dan…and a guy.

              Ross’ News

              To all of you that have been worried about where the show is going…let …

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