• Jan 30

    Tom and Dan FLASHBACK: Jessica Staveley Taylor performs from Show #36


    Annoy Your Friends

      Way back on Show #36, we were blessed with a live interview with Josh Radin and a young British singer by the name of Jessica Staveley Taylor. Now this isn’t to take anything away from Josh who is a completely amazing singer in his own right…but Tom and I were completly blown away by the purity and genuine sound that Jessica’s voice had. Here she is performing on AMT doing a song called “Mexico.” To this day…it’s one …

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      Posted By dan on January 30 2012 | Comments (8)

    • Jan 28

      “Dildos” for Dildos Contest!


      Annoy Your Friends

        Daniel Poops

        We all have that one picture where we look like a complete “dildo.” In the case of me and Tom…I’m afraid that we have way more than just one. Here’s one from last year where my wife was able to catch me yelling at her to stop taking pictures of me pooping and using an iPad with free 3D glasses. Yeah. That’s just one of many. Pretty good, huh?

        Got a good picture of you looking like a complete “dildo?” Post it in …

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        Posted By dan on January 28 2012 | Comments (167)

      • Jan 26

        The Pat is Right!


        Annoy Your Friends

          Back on “Show #125 – Pat.” we had our buddy Cadillac Pat on and he described his wild adventure of actually being on the “Price is Right.” I know it’s been a while and the spoiler is that Pat really fucking blew it in the end but here’s Pat in all his gameshow glory. You’re a good man Pat…we’ll have you back on the show real soon. Bring some tits next time.


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          Posted By dan on January 26 2012 | Comments (1101)

        • Jan 25

          A note from the merch boss…


          Annoy Your Friends

            Orders 2

            Hi, I’m Andrea, Dan’s wife and I, along with Tom’s wife run the merchandise for A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan.

            I feel this is the perfect time to address some things about the merchandise for the show.  After receiving a nasty email from someone who ordered merch and didn’t get it right away, I am going to lay it all out there so everyone knows what to expect.

            The guys have been selling merch for almost three years.  From the t-shirts to …

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            Posted By dan on January 25 2012 | Comments (38)

          • Jan 24

            Show #146 – Angel is STASHY! (Show Rundown…)


            Annoy Your Friends


              Today we were lucky enough to have our buddy Angel from Real Radio’s SBK LIVE on the show. Angel is a more than interesting cat with tons of great stories to tell and has had an extremely interesting life…and h’e super young. Thanks to @RealRadioAngel <-make sure and follow him on Twitter and to listen to SBK LIVE weeks nights on Real Radio 104.1! You won’t be sorry…we love those guys…awesome peeps!

              On today’s show:

              Angel from Real Radio’s SBK LIVE!

              Dad = Cool Dude’s …

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              Posted By dan on January 24 2012 | Comments (6)


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