• Apr 07

    SHOW #156 – Wifecast #4 or “Caught White Handed.” (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      House Wife copy

      Thanks so much to Andrea and Crystal for coming in and hanging with us. Never again.

      Featured on this show:

      Fat Surfer Call

      Egyptian Millionaires

      The Meet Up was Epic. Where you there?

      Organic wine

      Lion people

      Real Man of the Week: Jim Corbett

      I can’t do that I’ve got a pipe in my mouth!


      Thanks as always for the downloads and for supporting the show! These gals allow us to provide this show for each other and for you…so we owe them big time. If you love the show, do …

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      Posted By dan on April 7 2012 | Comments (8)

    • Apr 01

      Thanks for an amazing 3 years…


      Annoy Your Friends

        Wall Street T&D 600

        It’s not very often that I get really super worked up or excited about something but last night was truly one of those times; last night was the third anniversary of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” Up until the time that I started typing, Tom and I have done 155 shows. (I just had to re-read that. It’s hard to even imagine that we accomplished that and we still have fun doing it!) We had at least 500 people there …

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        Posted By dan on April 1 2012 | Comments (13)

      • Mar 31

        Día de los mediocres es esta noche!!!


        Annoy Your Friends

          Hoy es el día! Hoy es el día en que celebramos los 3 años de “Un tiempo mediocrecon Tom y Dan!” Es difícil creer que más de 3 años, hemos hablado de poner un espectáculo juntos y en la misma semana que se produce, recibiendo llamadas y haciendo reír unos a otros en mi cuarto de atrás. Así que a Tom le digo”¡Felicitaciones a mi amigo! Y aquí está a sólo un 3 más emocionante!”

          Viva Tom y Dan! Viva “Un tiempo mediocre!” Viva la vida!

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          Posted By dan on March 31 2012 | Comments (3)

        • Mar 30

          SHOW #155 – Goodbye Razzles. (Show Rundown…)


          Annoy Your Friends

            photo[1] copy 3

            We’ll…it’s here! It’s the EVE of Diá de los Mediocres and we’re super excited to see you guys! Don’t forget that the first 200ish people through the door at the Wall Street Cantina are going to get a free “Official Tom and Dan Pain Pill Holder.” You’re not gonna wanna miss that. Get there early and you also get a free “Cantina Rita.” (It’s the Wall Street Cantina signature drink…) Need info…check out the commercial on TomandDan.com

            On today’s show:

            Other uses for pain …

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            Posted By dan on March 30 2012 | Comments (10)

          • Mar 23

            SHOW #154 – Terrible Businessmen. (Show Rundown…)


            Annoy Your Friends

              photo[1]_Snapseed copy 600

              We’re just one week away from the biggest AMT event that we’ve ever done. You’ll hear the spot play before todays show if you need details but it’s “Dia de los Mediocres” or the day of the average. This is where we all get together and celebrate the 3rd full year of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” We hope to see every single one of you guys out there…seriously.

              On today’s show:

              Dis de los Mediocres

              We’re terrible business men.

              Sorry Earl Funk


              A business …

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              Posted By dan on March 23 2012 | Comments (7)


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