• Jul 30

    Thanks! 2014 Orlando Weekly Best Of Awards


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      We fall into a trap of saying things like “Words cannot expresses the level of gratitude that we have for all of the people that support and listen to our show.” Instead of saying the same thing that we typically do when you guys surprise us with your loyalty, we’re really going to try and verbalize how we really feel.

      You guys are so fucking cool! There. We said it.

      Your loyalty and passion for independent broadcasting and creative content that is not controlled by larger companies who are only looking to liquidate and cash in, is nothing short of AMAZING! We promise to continue to match your level of engagement with an equal level of hard work and dedication. 


      Posted By dan on July 30 2014 | Comments (6)

      • Joe

        You guys deserve it.

      • MediJocre

        Well done, boys! Congrats and continued success to you both!!

      • jdshorrock

        You guys deserve another Stripper Cast!

      • Nikki

        Awesome, guys!!! You deserve every one of those votes. LOVE the shows!!

      • Robwiki

        I can’t speak for the rest of the BDMs but my ballot read, A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan through every single category- come hell or high water you guys were going to walk away with something! That being said… Best Local Big Shot in front of John Morgan and the Godfather of Orlando Radio- that is fucking huge Dan! I smell another T&D go to Flea World so you can get a huge, obnoxious belt buckle buddy!

      • Rakesh Mungal

        Well deserved…and chill on the anxiety that something is going to happen. Enjoy it!


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