• Feb 24

    A guest I want…


    Annoy Your Friends

      Bobby Lee

      If I could pick one guest to have right now…it would have to be comedian Bobby Lee. He’s insane and Tom and I went to see him at the Improv and I really don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard. I’m not known as a stand up lover…but this guy fucking blew my shoes off. Amazing stage presence and totally commanded the room. If anyone of you guys know this dude…hit him up and tell him Tom and Dan wanna have him …

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      Posted By dan on February 24 2012 | Comments (4)

    • Feb 17

      Show #149 – Samuel and a “proper” haircut. (Show Rundown…)


      Annoy Your Friends


        First of all…thanks to all of you that have continued to download and listen to the show! You guys are the greatest!

        We told you guys a while back that we were going to give you an update on what Samuel was doing…and today was that day! Sam called in as we were about to go to break…and filled us in on everything that he’s been up to in Tampa and typical “we’ve got to edit it” type Samuel stuff. also during the …

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        Posted By dan on February 17 2012 | Comments (10)

      • Feb 12

        Deleted Scene from RudeTube Interview…


        Annoy Your Friends

          Who would have thought they’d cut this from the final show?


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          Posted By dan on February 12 2012 | Comments (13)

        • Feb 11

          #Dildos4Dildos Contest – YOUR WINNERS!


          Annoy Your Friends

            Nerd Lady Light Sabre

            Here’s the deal folks…

            First of all, thanks to all of you that entered this contest. Tom and I have some much better contests planned and this was just a spur of moment type deal and we were completely shocked at home many people entered. Thanks to all of you that aired out your “scumbaggedness” with us in an attempt to win some really high in puss and dick equipment. Ok…

            …the winners.

            With a score of “17 LIKES” and winning without even having to …

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            Posted By dan on February 11 2012 | Comments (23)

          • Feb 10

            Show #148 – Tom and Dan and *Nsync (Show Rundown…)


            Annoy Your Friends


              (Chris and my wife’s sticker on the ‘fridge.)

              All love and special thanks to Chris Kirkpatrick and Khamelien for stopping by AMT studios today! Tom and I had wanted to get Chris on the show for a while now and it was cool to sit down and just shoot the sh*t with the guy…ask whatever and talk about flaming girl t*ts off too! (Sorry this is censored…we put this description and rundown on iTunes too…don’t want to do anything that’s going to make …

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              Posted By dan on February 10 2012 | Comments (1616)


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