• Apr 21



    Annoy Your Friends


      Lots of love and special thanks to the ever kind and talented photographer Brent Mathews for taking these amazing photos from “Diá de los Mediocres 2012!!!” If you need anything photo related…be a real doll-baby and head over to his site and throw him some work. (I know a few of you assholes are thinking of getting married…or have bands…or have kids that need to look less ugly. Hit him up…he’s fantastic!) His site can be found at www.brentmathewsphotography.com

      Grab the photo …

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    • Apr 20

      SHOW #158 – Fingering Holograms. Really. (Show Rundown…)


      Annoy Your Friends


        First of all…make sure that you guys head out and support Ross who’s going to be out at Trinity Tattoo’s Fusion Festival tonight at their Longwood location. Ross is going to be out there as “Ben Franklin” and he’ll have #AMT merch and his kid’s own “duck tape wallets.” Grab something and go support Trinity Tattoo who have always been massive supporters of “A Mediocre Time.”

        On today’s show:

        Our first show from the new “Studio 1A”



        Etchie from RampantRadio.com

        Moving Sucks

        The studio shower

        One Fat Chick

        Stolen …

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      • Apr 12

        SHOW #157 – Mitch Married a Mermaid. (Show Rundown…)


        Annoy Your Friends


          First of all, Tom and I would love to thank all of you for rating us 5 stars on iTunes and leaving us a little comment. That’s really, really cool…thanks guys! It means more than you know! You guys support so many of our cockamamie schemes and for that you are AWESOME!

          On today’s show we had special guest Mitch English from the Daily Buzz! (Make sure and check out the “Big and Tall Comedy Tour” he’s doing right now. Go to

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        • Apr 11

          In case you missed us on Leno last night…


          Annoy Your Friends

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          • Apr 09

            Piñata: Shit Stomped. (The Video…)


            Annoy Your Friends

              While digging on YouTube for videos of the rape scene from the movie “The Hills Have Eyes,” I just happen to type in our show’s name and this little beauty popped up! (Thanks to all of you that took video and pictures.) We’re still waiting on the pictures from Brent ( brentmathewsphotography.com ) …I know he’s super busy and was in the middle of editing the last time that I spoke to him. Mad thanks to him …

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