• Jul 13

    Show #168 – Goodbye Little T! (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Thanks as always for downloading and hanging with “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” This week we say goodbye to the best guest that we’ve ever had…Tiffany Martin of the band Dollface. Most of you that know what our day job is will know that we’ve worked with Tiff for almost 10 years and she’s leaving Orlando to head to LA to work on things with her band. We wish her nothing of the best and we were more than happy to have her in the T & D studio one last time to say goodbye. We’ve talked to tons of people in our time but no one is better, funnier, or cooler than Tiffany. Thanks Tiff…Tom and I will miss you with all of our hearts. Truly.

      On today’s show:

      “Anger Bees” a brand new song

      @TiffWorld LIVE in the studio

      Tiffany Takes LA


      “Boom Snap Clap”

      Tiffany and Dollface at the Abbey July 20th…be there!

      High thinking…

      PO Box 141485, Orlando, FL 32814

      Porn at the library

      Thanks as always for listening! The “Anger Bees” shirts have been ordered and should be in stock next week. Plus we’re going to have new stickers and a few other surprises for you guys.

      Thanks for listening…


      Posted By dan on July 13 2012 | Comments (18)

      • Ace

        I’d hit it.  


        Stiffany is hot too.

      • http://www.facebook.com/TheGreatPhilKenSebben Rusty Bryant

        Almost got a realman single tear in my eye when Tiff said “the ONLY reason Im going to LA is to make you guys rich too.” All I could think of was Tom and Dan as Superman’s Parents from Superman 1, placing little Jackie Ts Tiff and all their hopes into the Make Me Famous 1 and whatever alien planet it lands on.  

      • kwes2677

        Good luck Tiff, you’re making the right decision.   You’ll love Cali.  

      • http://www.last.fm/user/Konfig--- StrangeBlackCat

        Ross was really eating the peppers this week.. Ross, keep being Ross. You’re great.

        Good luck in LA, Tiff.

      • smolf

        am i tripping or is there some subliminal message thing going on at 1:38:11 on show 168?

      • Jona Jager

        And did Andy Dick have big balls?

      • Jona Jager

        Oh yeah guys, I recommend reading the 4 hour workweek and the 4 hour body. You can get a 40.000 dollar a month job, less time to work, a better body and you have more time to make your dreams come true.

      • http://twitter.com/TheTswizz Trey Siwek

        Hey thanks for playing my Anger Bees Track Guys…. I’d like to say I worked hard on it but I didn’t cause I’m so tired….

      • Erik F.

        Great episode guys, best of luck to Tiff and Tom way to go on the weight loss!

      • 123

        Note to self: Start band and acquire jewish boyfriend. Sky’s the limit! 

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