• Jan 14



    Annoy Your Friends


      If you’re THIS handicap, should you really be PARKING? I’m all about personal freedom…but I’m also all about scumbag sons getting off their asses and driving their memaw’s to the fucking Winn-Dixie when they need something. Damn…

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      Posted By dan on January 14 2012 | Comments (7)

    • Jan 13

      Show #144 – Cue the Flute…start the feast… (Show Rundown…)


      Annoy Your Friends


        We’re back in the studio for the latest edition of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” The song that you hear at the beginning of the show is called “Pig Snoots.” (Don’t ask me where Ross found that but it’s pretty damned rad!)

        On today’s show:


        It’s a job now!

        Are pickled pig’s feet really their feet?

        A map making call from Puerto Rico. (We can’t really prove that he was calling from there.)

        A “Little Bit of Doo Doo” is coming!

        Tom’s Crash Video from www.TomandDan.com

        Tom …

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        Posted By dan on January 13 2012 | Comments (11)

      • Jan 12

        Smoke it up…


        Annoy Your Friends

          I’ve been wanting a smoker for a really long time…and my Mom lost her mind and surprised me with this during Christmas. (Here’s the corny ass video that they made to introduce it…I do love the song about it though. Fucking classic!)

          It gets delivered today and this weekend I’ll be trying my hands at smoking a pork shoulder …

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          Posted By dan on January 12 2012 | Comments (5)

        • Jan 10

          My favorite iPhone picture. (and my favorite picture of how I SHOULD be living…)


          Annoy Your Friends


            With the inception of the “smart phone”, we now have the ability to take pictures of tons of shit that our parents and even grandparents never got the chance to photograph. I mean…having a bad-ass little camera in your pocket allows you to snap all sorts of pictures…even ones that you don’t want…with reckless abandonment. Remember when pictures cost you or your parents money? I can full on remember my Dad bitching because we took a shit ton of bad pictures with …

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            Posted By dan on January 10 2012 | Comments (10)

          • Jan 09

            BIG ass spider.


            Annoy Your Friends


              For a while now, my wife has been keeping this big ass pet spider out back. Whenever we see it…we have to make double sure that we don’t walk through it’s web and that we leave it alone. I’m fairly certain that it’s going to bite me while I’m getting a new beer or something…because as far as it knows…every time I’m even sorta near it…I’m attempting to fuck with it. Even taking this picture…it raised up on it’s “tippy-tippy” spider toes …

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              Posted By dan on January 9 2012 | Comments (8)


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