• May 14

    “Best of Orlando 2016″


    Annoy Your Friends



      We’re shooting for “Best Podcast” – “Best Radio Show” and “Best Radio Station.”

      Hey there you filthy animals!

      I really haven’t looked into this a massive amount but I’m sure it’s just like any other year’s Orlando Weekly voting. If you’d like to vote for us – we’d love that! We work our asses off to try and bring you some of the most original, off …

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      Posted By dan on May 14 2016 | Comments (0)

    • May 21

      Show #367 – Dan On Air Anxiety Attack


      Annoy Your Friends



        Well, that wasn’t cool. But it was real. I’ll get back to that…

        Thanks to all of you who caught the show live and downloaded later. I was off of my game and apparently dealing with anxiety that’s been ramping up for the past couple of weeks. I’m not sure how to describe it to you guys other than I have not been sleeping well – been having nightmares about dead family members – impending feeling of worry and sadness – and not …

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      • May 14

        Show #366 – Piff The Magic Dragon


        Annoy Your Friends


          Thanks to all of you that caught the show live and downloaded. You guys are reason that we continue to do this and we can’t thank you enough. I’m actually up in St. Augustine right now for my first vacation in about a year. (Don’t worry – both of the girls are asleep and it’s just me and Caesar hanging out. I forgot to do this blog post on the website so I figured I’d knock it out while I …

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          Posted By dan on May 14 2016 | Comments (1)

        • May 07

          SHOW #365 – P.T. BLOBBINS


          Annoy Your Friends


            Hey there gang! Thanks, as always, for hanging with us for the LIVE Friday Free Show, downloading after the fact, and for supporting our independent show! We really hope that you’re having as much fun as we are!

            A few thing: There’s a ton of new merch up at TomandDan.com under the “merch” section. We’ve got tons of new shirts for both girls and guys – new T&D socks – and a few other surprises on there. If you don’t have gear or …

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          • May 02

            “Generations of Dad Wheelies”


            Annoy Your Friends


              I promise I’m not as redneck as this looks. But I remember seeing this picture of my Dad doing a wheelie with me when I was a baby and I thought I would try and recreate it with my son. Don’t report me to DCF. Does it make me more or less manly that I have sandals on?


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              Posted By tom on May 2 2016 | Comments (7)



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