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  • Dec 21

    The year is winding down…


    Annoy Your Friends

      Year Winding Down

      So we’ve nearing the end of another year of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” The coolest thing about this year is the fact that this is the first full year that both of us were completely independent! Now for many of you, you might not think that’s that big of a deal but trust us when we tell you that this small business shit is a lot harder than it looks. We’re just 2 guys that pretty much do every …

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      Posted By dan on December 21 2014 | Comments (0)

    • Dec 19

      SHOW #293 – TIFF GETS HIGH


      Annoy Your Friends

        Show 293 Tiff High

        Thanks to all of you for downloading the show, rating us on iTunes, and taking the time to hang with us this afternoon! I really think that lately we’re regressing and really going back to our “T&D Roots.” Today we had Tiffany, Medijocre, Tiff’s boyfriend, Ross, and Samantha. Needless to say, it was another old school “A mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.”

        On today’s show:

        Dan’s going to be a Dad

        Tiffany is HERE!

        Tom’s questions about marijuana


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        Posted By dan on December 19 2014 | Comments (4)

      • Dec 18

        Frank Gay Services hooked up my house!


        Annoy Your Friends

          Frank Gay Services Hooked House


          Frank Gay Services (Electrical)  will come and put up Holiday lights on your house. They can either put up ones you already have. Or they can purchase some for you and install them to your specifications. Either way its so much better than the frustration and danger of putting them up your self. Also if your like me, who the hell has the time. It really is a cool serves and they do a great job and they do it right. Which …

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          Posted By tom on December 18 2014 | Comments (0)


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