• Apr 23

    767 – Audio Innocence


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks to Ross for his time today, and much love to a lot of you guys who caught the stream LIVE! Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you next week! – d


      – Review of Amnesty cruise experience focusing on entertainment and guest interactions.

      – Summary of Dan Dennis’s campaign promises including term limits, increased fun, and reduced cabana costs.

      – Tom Van’s critique of Dan’s campaign strategies.

      – Key themes from “Time for a Bath” song.

      – Overview of BDM Appreciation Week’s party highlights.

      – Highlights and guest lineup for ACT’s 10-year anniversary show.

      – Key surprises and Cadillac Pat’s role in the upcoming 2024 Tom and Dan Cruise.

      – Cadillac Pat buys an old payphone, sparking nostalgia for vintage tech like LeBaron convertibles.

      – Dan’s family moments: bagel gift from wife, Ross’s show with David Jolly, and potential past confrontations.

      – Preparation and insights into hosting at Orlando Funny Bone, including interactions backstage.

      – Concerns over children’s exposure to inappropriate content through Tenacious D’s music.

      – Discussion on Tori Spelling’s unique bathroom habits and media reactions.

      – Anecdotes from McAfee’s eccentric online behavior to unusual findings in Costa Rica.

      – Insights into internet detective work, challenges of online searches, and the introduction of new AI tools.

      – Exploration of online business interactions, handling of negative reviews, and customer service strategies.

      – Local Orlando tales: peacock issues in Wadeview neighborhood and Commissioner Sheehan’s involvement.

      – Upcoming community events and BDM Appreciation Week details with a humorous note on BDM exclusivity.


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