• May 07

    Well at least we’ve got NEW MERCH!!!


    Annoy Your Friends

      AMT Hat 2

      While we’re still attempting to sort things out…we didn’t forget about the new shirt that we mentioned to you guys! “Goodbye Razzles” shirts ARE IN and “Cool Dude” hats are BACK IN STOCK!

      If you wanna help us out…you should at least get something rad for your back or your head…check out our merchandise section and go nuts!

      All love…


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      Posted By dan on May 7 2012 | Comments (844)

    • May 04

      Working on it…


      Annoy Your Friends


        Dearest loyal and wonderful “scumbags,”

        Please know that we’re trying everything that we can to get back online as quickly and efficiently as we can. We consider all of you our family and can’t wait to be back with you…it shouldn’t be long now.

        There are times when you get really depressed. I’m sure you’ve all had them. But nothing is quite as depressing as not being able to bring you guys a show. Just know that we’re working on things and we’ll be …

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        Posted By dan on May 4 2012 | Comments (482)

      • Apr 30

        Technical Difficulties…


        Annoy Your Friends

          technical-difficulties copy

          We’ve got a few issues to work out…we hope to be back soon.

          T & D

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          Posted By dan on April 30 2012 | Comments (50)

        • Apr 27

          SHOW #159 – Dirty Jim…back again. (Show Rundown…)


          Annoy Your Friends


            Awesome show today! Thanks very much to James Colbert for hanging out on the show today…we know that it was completely last minute but we were more than happy to have him in. He the f’n man! Hit him up on @JimTheDirty on Twitter and search for James Colbert on Facebook.

            On today’s show:

            Dirty Jim in the Studio

            Nose picking: “Little Green Friends.”

            Car filth

            Cumin Blast Popcorn

            Dan’s garage fight/disposal do’s and don’ts

            Tuna Door

            Manatee Abuse

            “If you step on this boat, I’ll kill you all.”

            “Blow your conch …

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            Posted By dan on April 27 2012 | Comments (1531)

          • Apr 24

            Stabbing an elephant with an oversized toothbrush.


            Annoy Your Friends


              We’re very lucky that we have amazing listeners that will send us art. (Really good art!) This is from a few shows ago and wasn’t even anything that we mentioned wanting to see “come to life” but it’s frigg’n amazing!

              “Goodbye Razzles” shirts are coming in this week as well as a new shipment of T&D “Cool dude” hats. I know that we’ve had quite a few ladies that have been asking for their sizes in a few things. If you were to …

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              Posted By dan on April 24 2012 | Comments (10)


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