• Mar 06

    2 more “BODs” REMIXES!


    Annoy Your Friends

      Sent in from Adam as a link that he released to us via Twitter…he asks if this is already an existing remix does it still count? (Really liking the “Little Dicks” part that you added.) I think because of that…it HAS to count!


      By far the most lengthy song submitted so far. This has a beginning…a middle…the back story and an ending. Andrew definitely took his time crafting a “song” and not just …

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      Posted By dan on March 6 2012 | Comments (15)

    • Mar 05

      Our first 2 “BODs” REMIXES!!!


      Annoy Your Friends

        David sent us our first remix. He was pretty much the fastest “remixer” that we’ve ever seen getting this to us the same day as the contest was posted. Nice work, my friend…we’re digging the “cheesy game show” vibe that you’ve got going on there. Way to polish a turd.


        Our Second REMIX was sent to us by James. He really captured the whole “dub step” vibe with his remix. We admire a …

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        Posted By dan on March 5 2012 | Comments (5)

      • Mar 02

        “Big Ol’ Dicks” REMIX CONTEST!


        Annoy Your Friends


          Big Ol’ Dicks by Tom and Dan

          If you’re not sure what “Big Ol’ Dicks” is then obviously you haven’t heard Show #151. “Big Ol’ Dicks” or “BODs” as Tom and I call it…is going to be our new dance/dubstep hit. You think we’re joking don’t you? Haven’t you listened to AMT long enough to know that Tom and I don’t take much seriously…but …

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          Posted By dan on March 2 2012 | Comments (14)

        • Mar 02

          SHOW #151 – Spertle-necks and a foot race. (Show Rundown…)


          Annoy Your Friends

            Fat Race

            So this week we had to record the show on Thursday instead of the normal Friday afternoon. Tom had yet another wedding to go to so here it is:

            Featured on today’s show:

            TruTV and the 450 dollars

            The Condom Test

            Peeing in the backyard

            Big Ol’ D – Remix Contest

            The 3 Year Anniversary Meet up – The Day of the Average

            Nikki and her wedding

            Out drink a girl?

            THE FOOT RACE!

            Been Franklin is going to be at Taste

            We hope you enjoy this leap week show and we’ll be …

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            Posted By dan on March 2 2012 | Comments (12)

          • Feb 26

            Late Night at Denny’s…


            Annoy Your Friends


              As you get older, there are things that were once common place in your life that sort of fall to the wayside. Things that were incredibly fun but you just don’t find the time to do them anymore. One of these things is “the late night trip to Denny’s.” Last night, after a few beers, loosing money at Jai Alai,  and winning 2 sick goldfish by throwing a ping pong ball into jello at a carnival in the parking lot of said …

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              Posted By dan on February 26 2012 | Comments (9)


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