• Feb 16

    759 – Domatello’s Volvo


    Annoy Your Friends



      Thanks for hanging with us today, folks! – d

      – **Friday Free Show Livestream Highlights:**
      – Always lying about cruises.
      – Encounter with a waterpark infested with fleas.
      – Tom undergoes a nerve test.
      – Discussion about a carpal tunnel treatment robot.
      – Buying running shoes with the aid of a fancy foot scanner.
      – Jokes about slappy flat feet.
      – Tom’s humorous remark: “My long boy’s still touching.”
      – Seth’s ordeal of cleaning up pee in the dojo.
      – Traci calls in …

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    • Feb 09

      758 – Shaq & Gagman


      Annoy Your Friends


        Thanks so much to those of you who caught the livestream! And thanks again to Ross for his time today, and make sure you go like and subscribe to his podcast, too! Happy Super Bowl weekend, and I hope you guys make the most of it. Eat wings, kiss your significant other, don’t drink and drive, and have a candy bar. – d

        – **Maisie’s Encounter**: Maisie met Mama Kelce, sparking an unexpected series of events.
        – **Gym Antics**: Ross and Shaq’s …

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      • Feb 02

        757 – A Dansel in Distress


        Annoy Your Friends


          ### Today’s Tom & Dan LIVE Stream Highlights:

          – Sam takes the lead at a Fairvilla event with spicy trivia to kick things off.
          – Andrea and Maisie are on packing duty for Dan, ensuring he’s concert-ready.
          – Exploring the dynamics of attending concerts solo.
          – The convenience of hotel check-ins via phone is discussed.
          – PigTits Krystine brings the Megacon excitement directly to the listeners.
          – A deep dive into the spectrum of celebrity photos, from casual to formal.
          – Tom’s unwavering …

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        • Jan 19

          755 – Jerks On You

          TC Vann

          Annoy Your Friends

            TDRossJapan (1)

            This is Tom. Im doing the notes today because Sam is on Vaca. I suspect not that meany people read these notes so im probably only doing this for a handful of people. Also, who reads the notes for podcasts like ours? we just around so much we talk about so much non sense. What are you looking for?  Like, do you scan the show notes to see if we are going to talk about something interesting before you decide to listen? …

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          • Jan 12

            754- Crows Disease

            TC Vann

            Annoy Your Friends


              1. **Guests**: Brendan O’Connor and Mandy Harlan join the show.
              2. **Science of Weed**: Exploring the scientific aspects and effects of marijuana.
              3. **Marijuana Yoga Event**: Discussing an event combining yoga and cannabis.
              4. **Crow’s Disease**: A segment on this specific topic.
              5. **Getting Too High**: Addressing the issue of overconsumption of marijuana.
              6. **Tricks to Bring Yourself Down from a High**: Practical tips for managing an intense marijuana high.
              7. **Brendan’s Chicken Sitting**: Brendan shares his experiences with chicken sitting.
              8. **Tom Getting His Bike Fitted**: Tom talks …

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