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    Show #586 – Chungus


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      Hey there, kids! Welcome to a brand new “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” and thanks so much for taking the time to consume a little part of us! No seriously. It really means a lot! We know that the world is swirling with tons of strange and sad BS out there, and it makes us happy to hopefully make you forget a little bit about all of that which shall not be mentioned.

      On this week’s show:

      * Chungus origin
      * Humungus chungus
      * Grift truck- anxiety machine
      * Raccoon in a box kid
      * Ross’ news
      * Putting out fires with Bud Light
      * Polar bear vs hippo
      * Toni Rodriguez apparel line: Stay Young SB
      * Tom almost got Toni fired
      * BDM got his hat stolen from a neighbor
      * Altoid panties

      With that note, and I know that we haven’t mentioned it at all, but thanks to all of you who voted us the best podcast in Orlando during the Orlando Weekly “Best Of Orlando” awards. This is like the 6th or 7th year that we’ve taken home the award for “Best Podcast” and it’s always an honor and cool to be mentioned. During the years that we’ve been included in these awards, we have taken home almost every prize – from “Best Kept Secret” to the time that I won “Best Local Big Shot” in 2015. The bottom line is that we have done it all. (We’ve even beat out folks who claimed that they had COVID 19 in order to win! Whereas I can never imagine needing to win something so bad that I’d lean on being sick with a serious disease – but imagine the disappointment when you realize that you still didn’t win, and people didn’t care! 😬 Em-f*cking-barrassing.) And although we really didn’t mention it at all, I think that in the future, we’d like to see some fresh podcasts take the crown as I do finally believe we have in fact – been there…and done all of that. But thank you again for all of the love and votes. It is never taken for granted and is always appreciated.

      Be sure to check out Toni Rage’s new skateboard apparel brand. https://stayyoungsb.com/ is the web address and be sure to check it out. It’s super green but the design is rad and he’s going to be releasing a lot of stuff that shares the undying passion that T has had for skating and the fun that goes along with it. He was having a little bit of trouble with his site during the show, but I’m sure that it’s fixed by now. Head over there and buy up all of those shirts for “Brown Trump” and all of the joy that he’s brought to us – being a friend of the show.

      With that said, I’m out. I’m actually thinking about going out tonight. (To eat. Not dancing. This is the first time that I’ve thought about dance clubs. What the hell are those cats doing during all of this BS?) Heading to the small of tacos and well see you back here on Monday! All love! – d

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