• Oct 20

    Show #492 – Mike Busey


    Annoy Your Friends


      Tom, Lil’ Jess, Midget Mack, Mike Busey, Lil’ Jess 2, and some nerd. 

      There’s really no guest that we’ve had on the show that’s more polarising. Well, possibly Carlos Mencia but we all know that questioning a person for perhaps stealing jokes from other comedians, is way different than just doing nothing. That’s precisely what Miike Busey has done to almost all of his haters. Nothing. I’ve only met the guy like 2-3 times, but he has always been nothing but respectful, kind, and genuine. I told him to his face that initially, I was one of those people who were like “Who the hell is this guy?” Then I sat and listened to him, and I’m glad that I did. He’s a good dude. We hope that you get a kick out of having him on the show.

      On this week’s show:

      • Mike Busey and his midget army is here; Midget Mack and Lil’ Jess
      • Miguel Colon Jr from Real Laughs is here
      • Juggalos love buttholes
      • Lumpcious and juicy
      • Dan is the Blade of little people
      • The pyramid scheme of BJ’s
      • Busey balls in 720p

      Thanks to everyone who caught the action live on Twitch. Thanks, as always to Mike Busey, Lil’ Jess and Midget Mack for hanging with us yesterday and thanks to Jon Busdecker for stopping by. (We’ve loved having Jon come buy to hang and bring us his new segment “Get On The Bus.” Tom and I hope that you all have amazing weekends and BDM members – we’ll see you on Monday for BDM shows. (If you’ve been checking out Tom or Crystal’s Twitter, then you know that they’ve already collected stories.)

      All the best and thanks for supporting and listening!


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