• Nov 14

    Show #392 – Ratkooco – Racoon Queen


    Annoy Your Friends


      The last couple of weeks have been rough.

      Not just for all of us and NO I’m not talking about the election, but I am talking about for the show. (Seriously. No sour grapes here. I know we all hope for the best – it’s just stressful.)

      Tom and I are always working on the show. Always. I don’t think there’s a minute of the day that Tom doesn’t take a call from a client – a potential client –  a person who will be working for us in an attempt to pull off a new T&D event – and even more. On my side of the company it’s a little bit different. I’m in charge of trying to make us sound and look as good as we can – on a budget. Now, allow me to preface a bit in that I think we do a very, very, VERY good job at this. We really do. A lot of this probably has to do with the fact that when there’s an audio problem, I’m consumed by it and do everything in my power to fix it and make it better. We’re currently battling that with this mystery “audio glitch” sound that you’ve been hearing and been hearing me talk about on the show. We upgraded our main studio machine about 2 months ago and that was the first that we started dealing with it. There are tons of things in play here that could contribute to it – seriously – almost too many for me to mention. A few examples: new machine, new OS, new audio interface, new mics, new mixing console, new blah, blah, blah…you get the idea. And because it doesn’t happen very often and is not a MASSIVE problem, I have to wait and pretty much let you guys tell me about it. Then I take another thing out of play and see if that makes it go away. It’s a very long and terrible trouble shooting game but it’s one that I’m completely committed to. BTW – thanks to all of you who send me messages to give me the heads up on the “glitches” that you hear. Keep it up. It really is the only way that I know about issues because the shows are long and it’s not a problem that we can hear while recording. Oh man…I so wish that it was!

      Last week we had a completly different issue where I almost completely lost the show! That would have meant that almost our entire Friday afternoon would have been wasted – no commercial inventory would have run – Tom was not happy and rightfully so. MediJocre was BACK to the rescue and he helped us find the missing audio and the labeling issues that we were having on this end. He’s a an amazing person to know and a wealth of computer knowledge.

      So the point of this little blog is to thank Tom for his patience when it comes to the “audio” department and to thank all of you for your patience as well. I started this by saying that we have to do things on a budget and we really do. We don’t have the ability to go into heaps and heaps of debt building up our “radio” studio. Also, after looking at the industry, that just might not be the best business model – ya feel me?

      On this week’s show:

      -Ross’ Rat-gate

      -Tom’s rap song/video about Ross’ rat problem

      -Toxic pregnant raccoon

      -Shorts length

      -Bathroom etiquette

      -Tom’s facial hair

      -Vacuum seal mice

      All the best T&D family! You hear from us soon.


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