• Sep 02

    Show #330 – Ricardo Grimes


    Annoy Your Friends


      We’re sorry (or not sorry) that the show is a little aryl this week. Tom and I will be taking a little bit of time to be with our families and then we’ll be back at it on Monday. We’re doing our best to crank out all of the shows that we need so we can take time off – but you will still get all of the shows that we like to promise. As you know – we’re not massive fans of “Best Of.” It never truly is “Best Of.”

      On today’s show:

      -Fantasy Football business deal

      -Mail problems

      -Positive stereotypes

      -Jerks parking

      -Going to Mars

      -Running with the bulls

      -The trombone killer


      -#BH Stargate

      -Tom vs a wolf

      -Ricardo Grimes

      -Ball play

      -Eyes to eyes

      -I’m no scientist, as you know…


      -James Gandolf-fini with pepperoni stick wand

      -Big ticket challenge

      Don’t forget that we have tons of new merch on the website and brand new hats on TomandDan.com. These are the greatest hats that we’ve ever had and I’m – personally – in love with them. Head over there and grab them while you can.

      All the best and we’ll see you when we get back from our small vacation.


      Posted By dan on September 2 2015 | Comments (2)

      • Didi

        Enjoy your families. You both work too hard. Thats why you’ll be successful :)

      • Terry Hogan

        These dudes work harder than a hindu at a spelling b, brother. Those blizz-p’s know how to work, if you know what I’m sizzaying?


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