• Jun 27

    Show #268 – S.I.D.S. Vicious


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks to all of you for taking the time to either tune in to us live or download the show! We love you guys and we’re so glad to have you guys along for this “mediocre” ride. So by this time, most of you know that we’ve got a new show coming out on Real Radio 104.1. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE ANY OF OUR SHOWS AT ALL. Not at all. We can not say this enough. The idea of even doing this show was never to change anything that we have that’s already awesome and something that we love. The purpose is to do nothing more than to give a little bit more exposure to the shows that we already love. Combine that with the fact that we own it and well – you’ve got something that’s truly NOT mediocre. So there’s that.

      Please enjoy the show and Tom and I will see you next week!

      All the best,


      Posted By dan on June 27 2014 | Comments (6)

      • Claas Römling

        dafuq? are we getting a late show again or the early, early morning? i was baffled by two of the best performers leaving the monsters, but it all makes sense now…

      • Benmark

        You should try to squeeze as many “motherfuckers” into your new show as possible just to really fuck their asses. That’ll teach them! Act all interested, then bring the whole station down in a saboteuresque blaze of glory, it’s like cannon balling your own pirate ship.

        • Rusty Bryant

          Uh… No.

          • Benmark

            Uh, yes. Faggot.

      • elkumar

        Speaking about cars and gentleman/real man. What are the bare standards of compliance regarding real man status and car repair/maintenance abilities. Tools are assumed because you cannot be a real man without tools.

        Oil Change/Brakes/Transmission Fluid Filter Exchange minimum in my opinion.

        Best bang for the buck vehicle that still qualifies for real man status?

      • Rusty Bryant

        Anyone else, not having seen the picture, thought they were talking about the wrestler Sid Vicious?


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