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    Show #249 – T&D do San Fran!


    Annoy Your Friends


      We’re very lucky. Well, we’re lucky in the sense that we don’t mind working. Or maybe we’re lucky in the sense that we just happen to really enjoy working together and it was some sort of odd “Miami meets DeLand” cosmic asteroid explosion (We assure you that there is no such thing as that.) that pulled the two of us together. I guess what I’m trying to say is that in the past year, we have both busted our asses in an attempt to not only provide all of you fine listeners and supporters with a good show, but also to get our fun back.

      Most of you that have followed both of our broadcasting carriers know that we’ve been doing it for quite some time. I’ve got just over 15 years under my belt and Tom hit a hard 10 years of radio broadcasting experience. Then a ton of things changed. Content took a back seat to all and everything that would be cash. The main goal of making people laugh or doing something original and fun really didn’t seem to matter as much anymore. Well, it did to us but when you’re part of a massive machine there’s really very little that you can do.

      (I promise I’m getting to my point.)

      It’s back. The fun of broadcasting and making people laugh is back. It has everything to do with Tom and me working for ourselves – on our terms and it has everything to do with all of you that support and help us out. You guys are f***ing awesome! We would have never been up for a Stitcher Comedy Award had it not been for all of you guys who nominated us! And don’t even get me started on all of the votes, Tweets, Facebook messages, messages to Stitcher etc. Words can not express to you how proud we are that you guys are with us. We talk to you. We meet you at “Meet-Ups.” We march with you on #BDM pub crawls. You tell your friends, family, and co-workers about the show and you share it with them. And you made a HUGE impression on the people at Stitcher. They knew exactly who we were and even the CEO and founder of the company was shocked at the number of votes that you guys provided him with! (Thanks to all 11 of you for voting. He was shocked. Kidding…)

      So please accept this more than heartfelt thank you on behalf of myself and Tom. (He’d be here helping me write too but dude has been flying for 2 weeks straight and needs to get some frigg’n sleep so he can take care of his prego wife.) You guys are the greatest listeners we could ever hope to have! Thank you for nominating us and for putting us just a little bit more on the map. We promise that we have big things planned in the near future. (Yes. That does mean that the MediocreApp, which is down right now, will have BDM login capabilities and content included.)

      We hope to see some of you at the Orlando City USLPRO jersey unveiling today at 4pm at Wall Street.

      Yep. We’re always working.

      All love and kisses,


      Posted By dan on February 1 2014 | Comments (9)

      • jdshorrock

        Thanks for the hard work and good times!

      • Frenchie

        It is awesome to hear you two guys are having fun at playing radio, I mean broadcasting, again! It is even better seeing that grey on Dan’s chin growing in nice, just like mine. You know what causes that buddy, la la la la la.

      • Anthony K Gonzalez

        Nice… Thank YOU guys for all the years of laughter. Keep up the good/hard work. Its an awesome show. Listen to every episode 2-3 times…

      • Gary McLean

        Looking forward to an awesome 2014 boys!

      • Richard suk’ar

        San Fran??? When in Rome….. You finally gonna suck toms dick dan???

      • Chris Coleman

        thanks for the years of amazing broadcasting! we love you guys and I think we all know its a mutual thing. thanks for everything you guys do as far as meetups ect, I’ve met some of the greatest people in my life at your events. “scumbags” couldn’t be more of an antonym to describe all your great listeners…. now, eat those peppers you pieces of shit!

      • Rachel Eaton

        It was so awesome to meet you guys in SF. We are so pleased and honored you could join us for the event. Congrats on everything! Hope to see you again soon!

      • body guard brad


      • Marty

        I miss DRUNKY on the MITM show!!! They have Tuttle now…..URGGGGGGHHH


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