• Nov 08

    Show #237 – Cannonball Fun.


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks so much for downloading today’s podcast! You guys are the best! This was one of the absolute most fun shows that we’ve done on a Friday in a really long time! Most of the time we take very little time to plan out everything that’s going to go on during the show BUT with that said, today’s show was a complete exception! No, no, no, no really! We actually planned out today’s show with tons of guests, new music (from D-Rugg), and all kinds of other amazing goodness.

      On today’s show:

      Sofa and Suds – this Sunday – Sanford

      Tom gets bullied

      Richie Incognito = Dick Indisguise

      Jacking: The Debate

      Dan Host’s SNL

      No more asteroid talk!

      Wife jerky

      Tom & Dan Apocalypse

      An ant update

      “Java the Hut” Coffee House

      Talking with Bruce about the NFL

      Tom, an old man, and a Cobra Mustang

      Tom & Dan get interviewed

      Cannonball Run Champion – Ed Bolian

      Thanks to all of you for downloading, listening, and rating us 5-stars on iTunes. Without you guys, we are nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true but there would be no way that we would be able to afford to do this podcast and produce it for all 17 of you. You guys are amazing with your support and whatnot. Truly. We’ll see you at Sofa and Suds on Sunday!


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