• Sep 07

    Show #176 – How much whiskey kills a baby? (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Thanks to everyone for downloading and supporting the show! Today was an early one because Tom had to get to a prior commitment.

      On today’s show:

      How much whiskey to kill a baby?

      David Blain: Black People Are Scared

      Andrea the Giant

      Dan Loves Elevators

      Rapper, Parrot, Wrestler

      The Car Wash story

      Putin 2.0

      IQ Testing

      Cadillac Pat

      Sleeping Naked

      Lady cops

      Thanks again for hanging out with us and we’ll see you guys next week! Don’t forget to rate us 5 stars on iTunes and to leave us a little review. It really helps us out!


      Posted By dan on September 7 2012 | Comments (14)

      • http://www.facebook.com/gerald.lancaster Gerald Lancaster

        Sorry to sound like a broken record but I’ve never really used bit torrent. What is the best one to use? How do search for the shows? UGH!

      • Hough G. Rection

        Gone through some tough times; thanks for keeping me laughing.

      • Matt

        Just recently been referred to this show and it’s hilarious… But I’m super curious to know what exactly happened with clear channel. I’ve listened to show 160 and 161 and everytime it’s brought up, you guys are vague as hell! I guess this might be a google question. Also, what time on Friday’s do you typically hold the show? I would like to call in but all I know now is it’s every Friday. On a side note, I’m a little upset I missed my chance to own some scrubs in ping pong this past weekend… #kindofapro

      • Matt

        HA! All I had to do what scroll up… 2pm. This damn iPhone should have a screen .5in bigger!

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