• Jul 07

    Show #167 – Wild-men = Real-men! (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      I was getting back from vacationing in St. Augustine Beach today so I really wan’t in the mood to do a show. Now, that’s not to say that i don’t love it…I do…but I was still on “Island Time” so setting up the studio and getting my head on straight was super difficult for some reason. Without really a plan of attack, we wandered down the path of the “wild-man.” It just so happens that the “wild-men” were out today and they called our show repeatedly to tell us about how it is being the wildest of the male species. We also had Tony Rage from the band “A Dying Regime” in to talk about the tour that they’re leaving for on Saturday. Make sure and check them out if you haven’t already…awesome band!

      On today’s show:


      A house arrest call from Chris

      Live like you’re dying?

      “Rocks is Rocks.”

      Put a little ranch on your BH

      Who sleeps naked?

      Putting my mouth on your waste organs.

      Suck a big fat T = the story.

      Making out with fat chicks

      Thanks as always for the support and for downloading. All that we ask is that you offer the show up to one of your friends that might not have heard of it before. Believe it or not but there are still plenty of people that don’t even know that we do this on Fridays for fun. Help us out by educating a person about “A Mediocre Time.”



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