• May 18

    SHOW #160 – A New Beginning. (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Exactly what it says…


      Posted By dan on May 18 2012 | Comments (660)

      • http://www.facebook.com/blannana Rob Morg

        somebody saved the pod casts right they need to post em somewhere. i think ive only heard about 3% of em

        • Donny Larson

          ^ THIS

        • Su***n Dragon T*****s

          link will be ready in the morning.  

        • http://profiles.google.com/junk.or.mail Junk Mail

          I have shows 1-154.  Anyone have the last 5?  And does anyone know the best place to host these to avoid legal retribution?

          • Karakarlahr

            Share! Please

      • Gay


      • Jake Dugal

        That sucks, 3 weeks waiting and now I am more depressed!

      • Old&fat

        Bunch of haters,
        God forbid if you freeloaders can’t hear a curse word or a joke about peckers! Still a very funny show. Maybe even better now that I don’t have to hide while listening.

        • Bwdyal

          Fuuuck that.

      • http://www.facebook.com/blannana Rob Morg

        what? i don’t think you like dingdongs.

      • angryguy

        fuck corporate censorship

      • JeffKR

        Happy Ramadan, Razzles. 

      • Pippy ClitStockings

        If you subscribed to the RSS feed, you should have every episode in mp3.

      • livefreeordielady-longtimefan

        So if this is the end….  Does it have anything to do with some type of noncompete clause at the quarry and the recent popularity possibly putting it into action?

        • Junkiebratt

          or censorship from the mothership, claiming a higher noble representation, came down to rain on a line that blurred once popularity made way for clear identification

          • jessejames

            Yeah, I’m guessing it’s a quarry thing. After all, if you look at the top 100 comedy podcasts, pretty much all of them use profanity. 

      • STCOGAN

        This is the point after a plane crash where I rip my dick off right? Cause killing myself isn’t enough right now. 



        man, the show just does not have the “bite” that it used to have without an screaming EAT THESE PEPPERS YOU TUB OF SHIT!!!!!!!!, or the old octapus eating  out a hot asian sailor girl…………………I thought there was an amendmet that protected freedom of speech? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! noone will see this post because the are probally censoring the comments as well………….KISS MY BOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Brendan

          I appreciate that you’re pissed, but you don’t understand the First Amendment. It protects you from the government taking action against you for exercising free speech. Your boss, however, can do whatever he wants to you so long as it’s within the law, especially when you’re under a contract.

          I wouldn’t be so quick to write off Tom and Dan. This was their first show back after a big change. Give them a damn chance.

      • Chris

        i got them all on like 4 separate computers…maybe trying to scam and win that intern contest. i will sell them to you scumbags.

      • Macrthomas

        Winning mega millions. Check.

        Buying out your quarry contracts. Check.

        Broadcasting from a third world country. Check.

        Taking the world one scumbag at a time. Check.

        Thanks for everything. Best show ever. Period.


      • Sensible Scumbag

        I started listening because my 2 favorite talents wanted something on the side to have fun with.

        When you guys can’t have the kind of fun you want to have, you will either just stop the show or let us know. I’m in for the long haul, Love the show. Your wives are right, some of us just think you guys are really funny.

        Keep it up guys. Eat your peppers, pay your mortgages. The reasonable scumbags understand.

      • Karakarlahr

        … anything on the piratebay?

      • chad curtis

        Where’s a rusty revolver when I need one?  VULARIOUS!!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bobby-Dorer/100001213772242 Bobby Dorer

        no shit just gonna give up on us? thought the show was for us? US as fans dont care about the content its being loyal to tv and dd. w/e happens thanks for the laughs and ill see ya the quarry might as well just say it on the real show. the foreman will be gone soon he is dull it will be your show DD. thanks guys…… BRING BACK BUDDY!!!!

      • Redbomb82

        Welcome back T &D!!!!!!

        somehow, scumbags need to unite and put together the archives for those of us who haven’t made it through the old shows !!!!

      • Jb

        I’m sorry, but this is bullshit. I loved listening to the show because it was real people talking not fake radio. thanks for the laughs its sad to see the podcast go out this way. 

      • Ervenchris

        Jus give up guys, if you’re not going to be real then theirs not much of a point. The real Tom and Dan are funny. It was great while it lasted guys. I doubt people will listen to the new direction as much. But best of luck guys ou rock.

      • MisterRock

        So now you guys are no longer playing fake radio… your are doing real radio.  I understand.  I just don’t like it.  I know that you would go back to the uncensored show if you could.  I know that’s what you prefer, but you can’t.  You can’t do what you really want to do now.  I’ll still support you guys because I’ve been a fan of you both for over a decade, but this show will never be as big as it could have been.  It was starting to blow up.  The Lambo Dicks have been castrated. 

      • http://twitter.com/bokeypunk Eric Holland

        bobo it, i’m listening to it still.  good show ragging on ross most of it.

      • Drumbum75

        Well I’ve down loaded the show and read all of the posts and messages. Some positive and some negative. Let’s all remember that this show is a grass roots effort by 3 guys who don’t get paid to make us laugh. Yes I’ll agree that the vulgarity was funny but now that’s over. They have proven that they can still be witty and funny without using naughty words. Right now they could really use some support from the scumbag nation. Because Im sure in the past 3 years when you’ve had a bad day they made you smile. It’s our turn to return the love. I can only guess at how Tom, Dan, and Ross feel. I just know if all I got was negative feedback my heart just wouldn’t be in it. Snoots

      • MisterRock

        Tom and Dan didn’t change the show because they wanted to. There is nothing they can do to fix this right now.  Don’t shit on these guys for the changes.  They are making the best out of a bad situation.  Maybe one day they will find a way to do what they originally set out to do with A Mediocre Time.  It was a great concept for a show and started to get a lot of attention and support.  Truely unique and worth getting back to if they have the chance in the future.  Until then, I’ll still listen and support these guys because they can still put out an entertaining show.  I’ll miss the old show though.  Damn, I’ll really miss the old show…

      • Abcgwt

        $100 dollars to the first person who has all 159 podcasts downloaded and can get them to me. Nothing beats it


      • Peeholes

        God damn it…I hate not knowing the back story. We have to deal with never knowing the real quarry story…Now your interweb secrecy is going to drive me mad. You’ve soprano’d us.  I hope this change at least makes you big dicked millionaires.

      • Topdeck
        • Ganster

          I get an error everytime i try to download one.

          • Topdeck

            Bugger – worked this morning

        • sting crazy

          tried it out, doesn’t work anymore. any more places?

        • http://twitter.com/bokeypunk Eric Holland

          these were links to the original mp3’s Tom and Dan deleted.  i know someone who is the process of uploading all 159 episodes to a media sharing site and when it is done we can share the goodness.  

      • Jmiahg

        All I know is that I was on podcast #129 and I’m not continuing my listening until I catch up.

      • Juangs07

        Well clever talk should now take over….. I will settle for that….as long as the show continues. Can you guys post the old shows on YouTube so at least your fans will have a chance to download them and relive the glory days?

      • http://twitter.com/Nuriko455 Ron

        Is it irony that the dirty jim episode is the only one i have not heard! that rasict homophobic piece of shit!!

        • Tim

          I was a keeping a couple of episodes behind, now I’ll never hear them! If anyone has a link shoot me an email.

      • Jimmy

        What the fuck? I didn’t expect this from u guys, the show is not the same. All u people saying just cause they don’t swear that they can have the same show they can’t, people liked the show because it was real, just like when u get together with ur buddies and drink beer and bullshit say anything u want. I will download and re listen to the 159 real shows but I’m out on this fake shit. U guys lost me, u r 2 funny mother fuckers but now it’s time to throw the shit in the river

      • salado

        I really hope that the quary wasnt behind this……. as Far as I am concerned Tom & Dan make the show over at the quary. The T&D show was 100% better than anything over at the quary. I know it pays the bills but i hope they soon realize that Tom and Dan are funnier and more talented than anyone at the quary.  How are they shitting on what yall do on your off time in your personal life, must be a “in the contract senario”.
        Have yall  thought about getting a Lawer. If the show brings bad descridit on the quary job then they should rethink half of the promotion they do. Fuck CC.

      • Manager Mike from Red Lobster

        Why all the secrecy? I’ll listen to you guys regardless of whether you talk about your dicks or not, but we are all adults here and as a long time listener,  I would like to know what prompted this change. It sounds like you have something new and big on the horizon and if so, congrats and I hope it works out for you. But we would love to hear about it. #ineedheavyhitters

      • Adadglgmut

        Help me understand. How come there is no other avenue you guys could take so you can keep your freedom? Which is the point of the internet right? Where is this Internet Police that is paying you to not curse? Are you sponsored by the Catholic Church? Come on, guys. I love this show, and I always will, but i will always love it more when you can actually be yourselves.

      • bummed

        Here’s and idea. You guys should invite Russ, DJ, Tiffany, and Bubba to start joining you on Fridays @  2. This is pretty much just the quarry, twice on Fridays. 
        What a bummer.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Ouch. We don’t feel it’s the same…but that’s cool. We’re still gonna power away at it…our apologies.

      • Chuckles2782

        Cannot censor the meet ups. I hope you are still able to do them.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          We can!

      • Miketreadwayonline

        Sooner or later you can turn around and wave your finger at the corporate monster . Till then just keep doing what you like to do 

      • Shin

        Don’t let the haters or the man get you guys down. I’m glad you guys are back to doing what makes you happy.  Scumbag 4 life.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          It’s not perfect but nothing rarely is. We will press on for now…it will be fine.

      • Df

        This sums it all up.  RIP Original A Mediocre Time.  This game ball’s for you…


      • Jcrod0682

        Damn, that sucks… I downloaded the very first podcast and thought.. this shit will be BIG! well, it was and u guys cracked me up when i really needed it. For that I thank u scumbags bags. There’s still that other place I can listen, but without the tits, dicks, and lambos. When or *if you guys come back there will be a scumbag waiting to download. Throw the Shit in the river you VOLGARIANS! -jc.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=768340409 Mike Taylor

        So WHO is telling y’all to change??

      • Goodbye show I once loved

        You market yourselves as scumbags and real men and real men go down with the ship. Real men don’t let anyone else dictate what they do on their show. Way to try to make the switch to pc radio. If I wanted to listen to a show without freedom of speach and free expression I would listen to regular radio. I would have had much more respect for you if you “threw it all in the river”. I did find it quite sad that you kept your “scumbags” in the dark for weeks while you pushed your merch. Sorry guys, I still like you as people but have lost all respect for your show. Your lambo dick status has been revoked.

        • http://twitter.com/BrianBaker1981 Brian Baker

          Real men also know they need to pay their fucking mortgage and keep a roof over their heads for them and their families..You dont bite the hand that feeds you..Sure it sucks if CC is the one behind this but you know what.THATS WHERE THEY MAKE THEIR GOD DAMN MONEY TO LIVE! 

          Good Day Sir.

          • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

            Thanks Brian. It’s not as easy as everyone would like to believe and not in the situation…everyone would like to believe that they’d throw ALL caution to the wind and “toss it all in the river.” To those of you that claim you’ve lost respect…we’re sorry. Keeping you in the dark for weeks? You honestly think we enjoyed that shit? Do/did you not read the multitude of times that we claimed we were doing everything we can/could to get back to good? Don’t you think we’re still doing that? We realize you’re upset…we get it. But rather than popping off on us like you think this was our first choice…take a breath and cut us a tiny piece of slack. We’ve had an extremely trying 3 weeks…laying our dicks out there for you “bags” and we’d do it again. We will do it again…trust us. Or bail. Damn…got my bees all pissed off. Exhale.

            • Goodbye show I once loved

              Thank you for the repily (witch might not of happend without brian so I thank him aswell)and to some extent I do understand but felt the need to voice my sadness. For you guys the show changes and goes on but I dont hear tom and dan anymore, I hear forced change and it saddens me. The downside is t&d are what they are now and I WILL NOT listen to the quarry anymore because I think they are behind it (I have listend to the quarry for over 15 years and im not even 30 so Its over half of my life I have to say goodbye to because im a man of my principals and my peception of what happend makes both shows taste bitter). For you things change and go on and for me I make a decision I didnt want to. I know its my choice and my decision to do so it just sucks. If I wasnt a strong minded man of principals things would be different but I am what I am. Dan, you will be missed (just like when you left drew garabo) and even though you really dont know me, thanks for everything. P.s. Tom was good too.

              • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

                Do what you feel like you need to do.

              • Johnny Ballsman

                Sounds gay

              • http://www.facebook.com/justin.farwell.90 Justin Farwell

                it is so nice to see a “strong minded man of principles” stand up and fight for his right to talk about White Piss, and Human Centipede!
                Are you kidding me…. What a BOBO!
                Keep it up T & D , the evolution of the show is getting interesting and i’m glad to be along for the ride!

              • This Fucking Guy

                Are you kidding? Take your “Strong minded” principles and go fuck yourself. Its pieces of shit like you that have the potential of ruining a good thing by calling into question people’s motives. I have no doubt that Tom and Dan love providing us with this FREE service, and did everything they could to maintain the integrity of the show. 
                I bet your one of these “all or nothing” guys that inevitably loses out on life because you turn your back on something as soon as its not exactly how you want it. Well guess what douche bag, that’s not how the world works, and the rest of the grown-up here understand that. You learn to be grateful for what you have. 
                Take you “principle” somewhere else, because they won’t be missed here. 
                Tom and Dan, the rest of us greatly appreciate all that you do and will stand strong while the rest of these fair weather pricks miss out on an awesome show. ( i guess Ross too…. maybe)

      • scumbag69

        I don get it. if it was CC, how have they been getting away with it for three years? why all the secrecy? just spit it out already. inquring minds wanna know…

      • MisterRock

          Dan, if it’s possible, can you answer me on this:  Is there any chance of AMT eventually turning back into the show it originally was or is this change permanent? I think a lot more people would be more understanding if they knew this wasn’t permanent. 

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Totally. Totally…

          • MisterRock

            That’s good to hear.  I’ll definitely support you guys while you work through this rough patch. 

            • Johnny Ballsman

              Sounds gay

      • Topdeck

        From Lambo to Lada dick in one episode

      • jason

        Its been fun, but I think i’m done with this show.  Thanks for the laughs.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Sorry. You shall be missed.

      • Anthony Usher

        A Mediocre Time will always be mediocre as long as its still got Tom and Dan.
        Been with you guys from the start and will stay with you till the end. You guys are anything but mediocre. I know if there is a way you will find it.
        To everyone who isn’t happy, quit your complaining. You got this bobo for free!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/Bacharach Ben Bacharach-White

        Tom and Dan, I hope you know your true fans will always be with you and have your back for life. These pussies who bail at the first hurtle will never know what it means to be a true Scumbag.
        Sure, right now the bees are a sting crazy and the peppers are forced down our throat, but like the phoenix, we shall rise out of the ashes and be born anew! If ever there was a time to rip your dick out of that sharks mouth, stand up and call yourself a Scumbag, it is now! We true scumbags will always be by your sides, we love you, #snoot life!

        ….. Or, lets just have a big cult style kool-aid party and end it all.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Dan votes yes on the creative suicide idea.

      • Mbalmer

        I eat peppers everyday and choke them down all because I love what I do and the people who are impacted by what I do.  I don’t have to love who pays me to eat them.  Yes, my bees are angry, but that is what drives me to find ways to do what I want and how I want to do it.   Unless you work for yourself, you have had to make those choices sometimes sacrificing your idea of how things should be done.  The smart people, like Tom and Dan, use these choices as fuel to get what they want.  Let’s not forget they wouldn’t have had the idea to do their own show without the things they learned at their day job.  The only people who NEVER get what they want are the peole who quit!  I will glady support anyone who shows as much passion as these two.

      • Scumbag

        I’m with you scumbags forever and I hope you guys eventually drop the bobo status and get back to lambo dick status

      • Badmath

        When you dedicate so much of yourself and so much of your time into something as real and revealing as the podcast you’ve given us for three years now it has to be a literal ripping out of the spleen moment when some power-at-large forces themselves on you.. All the people here that are bashing you for trying to stick it out and do something that you love to do forget that this podcast isn’t about them. This podcast started out as a hobby and grew into a community. 

        To everyone who talks about losing respect need to rip your own dick off.. They’ve grown to idolize Tom and Dan as scumbag heroes and forget that the whole point of the show was just two guys being real. Real humans. I can understand the frustration with having to watch this all unfold, but you’re targeting the wrong people here. You act as if this was a conscious decision and that they haven’t hated having to go through this shit. 

        Instead of being a pretentious dickass who thinks all this shit was just for you, you entitled cunt.. Stand up, fist to the air, and give Tom and Dan a pat on the back for trying their hardest to stick this out and still give you undeserving fucks a show. 

        Scumbags unite.


        • Thomas

          You just summed up everything I am feeling, nicely done Sir. After everything Tom and Dan have given us for the past three years without asking anything in return, the least you ungrateful shitheads can do now is support them in the time in which they need it the most.

          Thank you Tom and Dan for making me laugh for 160 episodes, and hopefully for many more to come.

          • Johnny Ballsman

            Sounds gay

      • Thoroughly Entertained.

        I am glad that I downloaded the “show,” and was able to hear the jist of what happened.  Adam Corolla wasn’t always able to be as vulgar as he is now, but the time will come where people are actually paying you to be yourself. Keep it up. We aren’t all disrespectful vulgarians, at least not every waking moment. 

        As for you other scumbags who only want White Piss, and Happy Endings….. start your own G’D show, and quit yer cryin'; nothing but a bunch of baby bulgarians(yes, that’s meant to be said like a baby who can’t pronounce “v’s”)

      • adamk2340

        as long as the show continues i will listen, if the loss of profanity means so much that you would come on the site and berate T&D then you’re not a real fan

      • Sean

        Hey, T&D.  I’ve been listening to you guys for many years, at the quarry and now on AMT.  I have to admit I was really saddened yesterday by the news.  It was a weird feeling because I am a grown-ass 38 yr old man and I was sad and angry and I really felt like a little baby that had his favorite toy taken away.  A day later, I can kinda see some light now and I’m starting to swing over to the positive side again. 

        There are probably a lot of people out there like me who have been listening to you guys for years…who became a fan yours on a terrestrial radio show that does not allow cursing and off-color topics…and guess what?  You  guys are funny as sh*t on that show and I listen to it because of you two (and DJ and Tiff).  You are funny as hell and you don’t get to curse AT ALL…especially since Janet Jackson popped her titty out at the Superbowl and things really got sterile on radio stations.

        All you TRUE scumbags, step up and show your support for two guys who have killed it every G*ddamn weekday morning and every Friday at 2PM FOR YEARS !!!  You guys have made me laugh so many times and I have never had to pay a dime for it.  I WILL LISTEN TO THIS SHOW IN ANY INCARNATION.

        I want to say one more thing before I go.  Get through this transition.  Bide your time.  Build your fan base… and think of how sweet it will feel when the day comes that you are able to tell “the man”, “From the bottom of my cold, black, shriveled heart…F*ck you”


      • CJ

        I laughed just as hard as during episodes 1-159. Best part was when you took the first phone call and the guy just came out swinging with a question about your clone jerking you off. LOL. You guys had no idea how to respond.

        Keep going, you guys are great. The change is sad for everybody, but there is still nothing out there as good as T&D.

        • http://twitter.com/ORLtragic Brian

          Seriously this was hilarious and I was in tears, especially since Tom was dying laughing.

      • Loyal Fan

        None of us are in your shoes. I know that i will continue to support you all. I hope you are able to go back to the good ole’ days soon. 
        sucking fat titties!!

      • http://twitter.com/BrianBaker1981 Brian Baker

        This will lead to a better show in the long run..They have to work extra hard at the funny now which in its self will be entertaining as fuck….Nothing has changed,its all just semantics.

      • bombaclots

        share what you got on torrents, scumbags!

        • Zland-haka

          i will, i only have a couple.. piratebay then..

        • Goldnugget

          Awesome to have the boys back… But, I was @ ep. 80, willing to share what I got to catch up!

      • FoxyBri007

        This makes me sad. AMT has basically been all that I have listened to in the car over the past few years. I love these guys and will still listen because they are hilarious. I hope they are able to work out their issues and get back to normal but in the meantime I will continue to support them. Enough bitching. If you refuse to listen because of something out of T&Ds control then you were never a scumbag in the first place.

      • http://www.last.fm/user/Konfig--- StrangeBlackCat

        Would someone catch me up on what exactly has happened, I still don’t quite understand. I assume it’s a conflict with your guys’ day job. But did they not sign off on you all doing AMT like you have been at some point in the last ~3 years?

        Also, why were all the previous shows removed from iTunes? I can understand cleaning up your act from here out, but to completely scrap all that brilliant material seems like a hasty decision on somebodies part. I’m sure they’ll show up around the internet at some point so I ain’t mad, just… frustrated (as I know T&D are as well).

        Just would like some clarification on what all has occurred to cause this to happen.

        Anyway, I’m glad you guys are back for now. With the show being cleaned up I hope you guys keep being real. That’s why I listen.

        I’ll be with you until it all goes in the river. Thanks.

      • So. Cal scumbag

        Tom and Dan we support you in your new format. My wife is now telling everyone about your show and she is a bussiness woman. I think you will have more listeners and more success. We will have all the good memories…ballon dick,..plastic spoon episode, lottery tickets scam, cleaning mustard bottles with panties, worst person ever, the list goes on and on. I will show my support by buying shirts for myself and the wife. Good luck from your loyal scumbags in southern California.

      • Jennahirt

        …Who am I going to drunk email such serious questions as “If you Duck Taped your asshole shut, do you think you could shit through it?…And “Do you think brain dead, steroid secreting musclemen would crack open an egg filled with jackoff sperm and put THAT in their workout shake raw if it was promoted as a muscle building protein in workout magazines?”….—Great—. Group Therapy is over. Guess I need a counselor now! lol-….—-But seriously-It’s all good guys-New beginnings-Change is good-Real listeners know your roots-The supporters will always be there & new ones will always be waiting in line-If you guys talked on a loop filled with white noise I’d STILLlisten ….and laugh the whole time as the irony of phoning it in danced thru my head- Play on playas-

      • Blueeyeddesigns

        i have all 159 downloded on 3 computers… would love to share them!

        • Goldnugget

          Ye holds the key!! Rapidshare or piratebay!

      • Jax Gal

        Love you guys!  I know most of your scumbag listeners are men, but I am a woman and I really enjoy you too.  I know DD seems to be having the most angst over this situation and I feel really bad for you guys.  Don’t listen to the haters.  There is obviously a major behind the scenes story that you are not able to tell us.  I think most of us will still listen to the show.  It is not necessarily that I NEED to hear big dick songs every few minutes, but you can just tell you are having to think about your every word and the blows… Love you! :-)

      • jason

        You know what i just listen to ep. 160 again andddddd im back in.   Cant stop supporting a grass root movement.  Love what  the show stands for and accept the new changes.   LOVE the   T&D

      • Bob Boobman

        Would you be willing to share with us, what comment or episode crossed the line?  i’m just curious what the threshold for acceptable behavior is.  Also does this mean we wont be hearing million dollar catch phrases like “sucking fat titties” and “finger tongue dick” anymore either?

      • None

        The new format felt a little awkward to be honest T&D. I’m a loyal scumbag and will give it a chance before I make judgement.

      • Conflicted but loyal

        I believe there was a quote, from some “dirty” guy named Perkins, at some quarry talking about the Stooges. “Sometimes you have to show them you’re willing to walk, to get paid.” 

      • Jmiahg

        I wouldn’t care so much if I was atleast caught up in the episodes. But does that even matter? Three years worth of inside jokes and most of them are thrown away because of censorship. I’m pretty sure they have their reasons for doing so but still sucks none the less.

      • Jmiahg

        Post the old ones on Pirate Bay please

      • Xxchillydogxx

        Fuck the haters.

      • Peeholes

        Anyone who is “done with this show” has aids and contracted it from sucking bum dicks in the bathroom at hardees.

      • Nick G

        I wish I had kept all the episodes, I want to hear “the sound of a thousand dying manatees” again!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=700440312 Robbie Anthony

        Tom and Dan,
        I just wanted to comment and show my support for the decision you guys made. When you have something you created from nothing and someone comes and takes it away in a flash, i can only try to understand how much that hurts. As a fan I am disappointed, but that disappointment is aimed at those that caused you to make this change, not you guys. A lesson I’ve leaned that I’ve seen play out numerous times is that nothing is ever as it seems, so for all of us to complain about a problem that we know so little about isn’t cool to you guys. I’m going to keep listening no matter what the format. Ive downloaded every single show from the first show with no intro music, all to way to 160, and have loved every minute of it. What makes the show great is you guys, not the topics and diction, so the soul of the show is still here and no matter what you guys talk about, it’ll be funny as hell. I became a fan of the quart first, and if you two weren’t on the show it would loose so much. I listen on podcast and if one of you are not on it, sometimes i just skip it. I’m a big fan and will be no matter what changes are made. Do what you have to do and I trust it is for the good of the show.
        Viva la T&D

      • almost dead

        Im so glad that u guys are back i dont give a bobo if you cant say bad words and bobo like that. you guys are great keep it up

      • dickless

        to anyone whos being a dumbass and giving Tom and Dan a hard time:
        If your going to stop listening stop listening but stop pooping on these guys hard work

        • GreyGray

          Too true, i love hearing people bitch about a FREE podcast, true scum bags, if anyone is thinking about not listening, then dont listen! Dont come on here and bitch at T&D about how “they should have told you what was going on,” Its called a confidentiality clause, when you peices of shit get a job you will understand what that means. Do T&D have to report to you? fuckin cry baby needs a tissue? I understand that things have changed, but in a very minor way, granted that was the saddest podcast they have put out, i still laughed my ass off. If all you scum bags turn on them with your bitching that they do throw it all in the river, then ya might as well throw me in too, I fuckin love this show!!! but this minor set back, it isnt gonna stop T&D from being funny. so why bitch, what is that gonna make better? Stop it before they stop doing one of the only things that makes me laugh, and if you are reading this then you care too, so you might wanna get behind them instead of being part of the people trying to stop them. Eat your butt.

      • dickless

        to anyone whos being a dumbass and giving Tom and Dan a hard time:
        If your going to stop listening stop listening but stop pooping on these guys hard work

      • Gary Goldenrod

        NO matter what changes to the show, I still masterbate while listening. Now that you are a little cleaner it takes me a little longer to get off, but that is not a bad thing.

      • Gerald L

        I for one am glad the show is back. Yeah, still want to know the whole story, pieced some of it together already. But, will still listen, as I have since ’99. Will proudly wear my T & D shirt once I get my extra large in the mail (Thanks for the help Dan!). Eat your peppers!

      • Velonola

        There are times in our lives, where the the only response is F-it.
        Real Lambodick status or throw it in the river. I know your family men now
        So I will respect your decision.
        RIP says it all.

      • Jackiebooboo
        • Gerald L
          • Goldnugget

            Fuck yeah! 

        • Wi-tri

           Thank you Jackiebooboo, and Gerald L.  The last
          show I listen to was 55 and I just downloaded all of them.   I started
          listing to 56, and ironically, they were talking about if there was someone out
          there saving all there shows in case something like this where to happen. 
          Funny huh?

        • Donny Larson

          There’s no point is there is no one seeding them. SEED SCUMBAGS!

          • http://profiles.google.com/junk.or.mail Junk Mail

            Doing my best.  I’ve got 94% from shows I already had.

        • http://www.last.fm/user/Konfig--- StrangeBlackCat

          If this ever downloads I will seed until the end of time.

        • Mrfrantz

           I need episodes 100,101,102. Can anyone help?

          • Wi-tri

             http://www.mediafire.com/?ja9q0cuw1w19i they are in there, about a quarter of the way down

        • CJ


          • Mrfrantz

             I just need 3 episodes not 8 gig? I Will post on newsgroups and file sharing site when complete. Torrents way too slow.

        • Ryan

           Do a force re-check on the torrent and turn on super-seed.

      • Loylet

        I’m conflicted.
        Will I stop listening? No, but I can’t consider the new experience true Lambo Dick Status, one of the greatest mindsets ever quantified.
        I listened to Stern for many years and laughed daily even though he was handcuffed regarding what he could and couldn’t do or say on his show. Once he moved to satellite we were treated with the vision of the show he always envisioned that we should have been hearing throughout his career.
        I’ve listened to Tom and Dan since episode one and actually thought they cursed too much at the beginning. Soon after they found a groove and never looked back. I’ve enjoyed every moment along rhe way.

      • Volnutt

        Hang in there guys. came across this show not knowing what is was. and the 1st line ever was “that diamond encrusted shit joke that was a gem” i said “What HO” and so became my everlasting commitment to stick with the show even though thick and thin. 
        i have totally have boner crush on you too.

      • Loylet

        I’m conflicted.
        Will I stop listening? No, but I can’t consider the new experience true Lambo Dick Status, one of the greatest mindsets ever quantified.
        I listened to Stern for many years and laughed daily even though he was handcuffed regarding what he could and couldn’t do or say on his show. Once he moved to satellite we were treated with the vision of the show he always envisioned that we should have been hearing throughout his career.
        I’ve listened to Tom and Dan since episode one and actually thought they cursed too much at the beginning. Soon after they found a groove and never looked back. I’ve enjoyed every moment along rhe way. Now that they are being censored I feel like everything had changed but I also laugh at everything they say at the quarry.

      • Loylet

        So, I know they can be funny without being blue but we all know it’s not the show we all came to love. I will continue to support in hopes someday the show will regain true Lambo Dick Staus.
        Love you guys.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1465735916 Brian Muster

        I have every episode on my ipod and i listened to all of them during the hiatus…and laughed my ass off….i will always support you guys!!! From robots crushing my skull to a girl coming and soaping her tits….keep your head up guys

      • Sprocketscientist

        Format change!  

        Oh, just cleaned up.

        Whew, I thought you were going to switch to a Latino podcast.

      • Lets us help

        Here’s a question that no one has asked… how can we help?
        You guys have provided us with 3 years of laughs… for free. How can we return the favor? 
        This is just a temp set back and we can help you guys work through it. 
        (And to the douche bag who is “so principled”, go fuck yourself. I hope that you find yourself in a hardship and the person you ask for help is too “principled” to even give you the time of day)
        This should be bros helping bros.

      • MailBot

        You guys should do the show as normal then have it transcribed , have Danbot and Tombot read it out as a podcast .. host the shit somewhere else and call it “Robots Cursing”

      • Better Than Buckethead

        Even with the new format T&D are funnier than Buckethead…so it’s not so bad.

        As a true fan, I want to see T&D succeed and be Big Dick Millionaires with their own real broadcast show. They are the best part of the quarry anyway and it shouldn’t be long until they get a chance to do their own show. Maybe CC will wake up and realize Buckethead sucks and give T&D mid-days. Who knows, maybe CC will give them a show on XM and then they can go back to uncensored.

        Until then, I will keep listening and replay the old shows on my iphone (thanks to the guy who put them all online to download)

        Keep eating those peppers, boys. That’s what real men do if they have to in order to provide for their families.

      • Chuck

        The worrisome part is the show has been edgy and uncensored rambling series of conversations.  Now we have to wait and see if the censoring will effect the edgy.  If any two guys can do it… its these two.  If not, well then I suspect we will hear a final show were they say bobo it, blow the doors off and then dump it all in the river.  Good luck boys.

        Lambo-bo for life.

      • CC Hater

        Clear Channel is Satan incarnate. That’s why Howard left. It’s a shame T&D have to work for the most evil corporation on planet Earth to pay bills. I knew eventually CC’s Minions would have their way with the podcast, it was only a matter of time. Now their is nothing worth listening too. R.I.P. Guys, too bad you couldn’t bring down the Quarry with you. Sorry you’re sweat and tears had to end this way. But thats what happens when you have a contract with The Evil One. 

      • http://twitter.com/cutaia_net (cutaia)

        For what it’s worth, this is the first episode I’ve ever heard, so I’m not missing any vulgarity.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a thoroughly entertaining podcast by its own merits.

      • gotyouremailandi’mClueless

        So wtf is the quarry? I always thought it was a rock quarry am i mistaken? 

        • http://profiles.google.com/junk.or.mail Junk Mail

          We had been referring to their day jobs in radio as “working at the quarry” to avoid this sort of situation.  Guess it failed.

        • http://profiles.google.com/junk.or.mail Junk Mail

          We had been referring to their day jobs in radio as “working at the quarry” to avoid this sort of situation.  Guess it failed.

      • Fagnum P.I.

        Im trying to download from the piratebay, if any of you assclowns would seed, lets spread the love around and help everyone.

      • Susan

        I found this show about 2 months ago it was hilarious, I’m not sure what happened but, the new beginnings show is really toned down. Part of what made the show so funny was the vulgarity, I had to be very careful when listening at work, considering the first very episode is when you were analyzing a porno…lol … 

      • Susan

        Oh, I should say I am not bring negative by the way, the new show is ok I will still support it even though I am not a hardcore fan like many of you, nor a scumbag :) but I do miss the rawness of the old. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/LD7LF7DB4VTM7HEP4YFN7K4LTQ Jeremy

        I don’t have a problem with the new format and I will continue to listen.  What’s shady is that whoever is responsible has obviously taken steps to ensure Tom and Dan can’t tell the entire story.  If someone has legitimate reasons why the format of this podcast had to change then let us know who you are and explain it to everyone.  The way it stands it reeks of someone being greedy and/or jealous of the success.

        At least now I can listen when my wife is around :)

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