• Feb 24

    Show #150 – a sexy cocktail party. (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      We absolutely love going out and doing a show on the road. We might not have the best equipment…but we’re never above or below finding cheap sh*t that will get the job done for our particular need. Most of the time when we go out, it’s just me and Tom. (The recorded that we use has 2 XLR inputs and nothing more.) Thanks to our friend Simon for making us a Y Cable to mount more than one mic so we can now go out and mount at least 4 mic’s during one single broadcast!!!

      Today’s guest is an old friend…some might say the olders and most faithful friend of the show…Tiffany Martin. She’s got her band “Dollface” which we talk about a little bit…but most of it is just random sh*t…

      On today’s show:

      The drive to Shipyard Brew Pub

      Tom’s kidneys are 30 years old

      Tiffany and yelling at girls

      Mug #22

      “The Closest to Bud Light.”

      Tom and Dan Photography

      Tiff in LA with Dollface

      Tiff has a disease

      Ram Jammin’

      Who makes up fashion?

      Phone Couples


      Thanks to all of you that download. Next week, we’ll be back in the home studio and we’ll give you as much info on the 3rd Anniversay Meet-Up as we possible can…it’s going to be insane. Don’t forget to clear the 31st of March for all things “Mediocre.” That is th date that everything is going down and we expect to see all of you in full effect that night…downtown! (Did I give enough clues…???)

      día de los mediocres is coming…

      Are you ready for a celebration of all things average?


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