• Feb 17

    Show #149 – Samuel and a “proper” haircut. (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      First of all…thanks to all of you that have continued to download and listen to the show! You guys are the greatest!

      We told you guys a while back that we were going to give you an update on what Samuel was doing…and today was that day! Sam called in as we were about to go to break…and filled us in on everything that he’s been up to in Tampa and typical “we’ve got to edit it” type Samuel stuff. also during the show, TruTV got ahold of us and told us that we’re going to be featured in one of their up coming web clip specials for “Trombone Titties!.” Man…we really blew it on that video. Apparently it was a massive success but did it get us anymore listeners and downloads…the jury is still out on that.

      Today’s show featured:

      Ross spills wine

      A Trip to the DMV

      @MostlyMediocre and their Flea World reenactment

      Samuel calls in

      Dan Berry, Producer from TruTV calls us to us “Trombone Titties”

      “Make Me Famous”


      There was a “Weekend at Birnie’s 3?”

      That’s just a little taste of everything that we covered. It was a longer than normal show today…not sure why. Both of us were punchy as all hell. I’m not sure if it was the caffeine or what but we were all over the place today.

      The 3 Year Anniversary Party is coming up very, very soon. I’m talking March 31st. And it looks like we’re going to be heading downtown for this one and for the first time ever. Details to follow. But we assure you that it’s gonna be a hell of a good time.

      Until next week,


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