• Feb 03

    Show #147 – Tom and Dan go “Back to School!” (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Yep. You read the title. We went back to school! This is a little strange in the fact that I’ve re-enrolled at UCF and shall be finishing my degree there as soon as humanly possible. (I’m super close.) Long gone are the days when Tom and I had hot roommates, caroused parties, or anything in our lives that as lame…or as cool as college. We decided that it was important for us to get back to our roots…back to our youth…BACK TO SCHOOL!


      On today’s show:


      Rubadubdub…three dudes in a truck.

      An Interdiclipianarian degree? (Totally spelled wrong…)

      Dan is actually BACK TO SCHOOL!

      The Fireball Trick

      Always the drunkest guy with the raincoat…always.

      Tom makes a circle.

      Come lay in my bed, Dan.

      The Throbber


      Who’s the worst mascot?

      The fudgie the whale of degrees


      An update with the T&D interns contest


      Thanks as always to all of you that support and download the show. It’s truly means more than you know. Tom and I still come out of pocket for this but we have a blast making each other laugh and hopeful making you chuckle just a little bit. We should have some awesome new merch very, very soon. Really cool stuff with the new logo and maybe even a grab bag shirt deal that we’re trying to work that we think you guys will really, really like.

      Thanks to our server at Wackadoo’s (Sally) and to UCF…I’ll see you at graduation.


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