• Jan 20

    Show #145 – Tom (and Dan) Cruise. (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      We were supposed to have Angel from the Real Radio 104.1 evening show, “SBK LIVE” on the show today but we’re going to have to reschedule until early next week. Sorry about that! (We’ll be doing the show either monday or Tuesday next week because Tom will be going out of town. We don’t want you guys to not have a show that week.)

      To day was really interesting because in lieu of all of this “cruise ship disaster” talk that’s been going around…we actually got to speak with a guy that works and lives on a boat with his girlfriend. He calls from out to sea and chats with us for a while…great stuff.

      Also on today’s show:

      A check box full of peppers.

      Being hungover and why it stinks so much!

      Balls…hanging and jangling…

      Tom screams “Jack my dick!” in the middle of the night…

      Trombone Will grows up a little bit and a call from his Mom.

      Crying and Firing

      The Highlander Joke

      Thanks for downloading and listening. You guys are awesome and keep making this show more and more successful…it’s great stuff.

      Until early next week…


      Posted By dan on January 20 2012 | Comments (8 )


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