• Jul 03

    The Orlando Weekly Best Of 2013 Voting…


    Annoy Your Friends


      It’s pretty rare that we ever ask you guys to do anything…

      Unless you want to count the fact that we ask you to subscribe and makes us rich so we can keep the studio running and keep adding floors to my mansion. (Don’t count that stuff. That’s a need. What I’m about to ask for is NOT a need but more of a want. More of just one of those things that makes us smile. You do want us to smile, right?)

      The Orlando Weekly is doing their “Best of Orlando” voting again and we’d like to be on that list. To tell you the truth I can’t remember if we’ve ever won before. I think we did but I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone whether we won an award or not. Here’s the link:

      Vote for your Best of Orlando

      Make sure to vote us Best Radio Station and Best Radio Personalities and shit like that. Whatever you think fits, throw us in there. There’s also a bunch of other cool stuff to vote for but in a sign of ultimate selfishness and laziness I’m not going to list any of that stuff. Just vote “Tom & Dan” and/or “A Mediocre Time” and let’s see if we can get our name in print. It makes my Mom happy and makes her think that we’re really f’n doing something worthwhile. Don’t disappoint her…she’s so sweet. She doesn’t understand “playing radio.”

      All the best and happy voting,


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