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    Best of Orlando 2016 – VOTE NOW!


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      It’s time once again to bring home some silverware! One of the coolest and best things that listeners can do for us as an indie show – other than supporting all of our wonderful sponsors – is to vote for us to win this year’s Orlando Weekly Awards.

      If you’ve been listening to us for quite some time, you’ll know that we attempt to do this every year because to a small business, it matters. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to compete with the bigger boys in broadcasting and as independent broadcasters we attempt to look for every edge. Making sure that to potential listeners and to potential clients that our brand stays top of mind is extremely important. We would love it if you would take the time to head over to the link above and throw us a few votes. (Basically – anywhere you see Tom and Dan, one or all of our names – just toss us a vote.) And I say this every year but it’s still true – a vote for us is a vote for us…and we’ll be your new best friends!

      Thanks in advance! We have the best listeners in the f’n world and it’s always amazing that you guys even get us nominated. I can’t tell you how big the smile is that I get on my face when I see us in so many categories. Win or lose, there is absolutely no denying the power that you all have in this town as a community. The events – the merch – the friends – the comedy – the beer – the hospitality – the charity – the love – and the fun. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t want to bring them all home but we are also in some pretty damn fine company. Shout outs to all of our podcast buddies and friends and I’m just going to go down the list – BOYCB (Bahaha), Oh No Radio Show, The Jody and Scott Show, and The Swervey Jones Show¬†are all our good friends of ours and you should make sure and support all of them. Good folks deserve love and they have the correct ideas when it comes to indie broadcasting and the vibe that makes me love it so much.

      Thanks in advance for the votes and you’ll be hearing from us soon.


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