• Jan 25

    A note from the merch boss…


    Annoy Your Friends

      Hi, I’m Andrea, Dan’s wife and I, along with Tom’s wife run the merchandise for A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan.

      I feel this is the perfect time to address some things about the merchandise for the show.  After receiving a nasty email from someone who ordered merch and didn’t get it right away, I am going to lay it all out there so everyone knows what to expect.

      The guys have been selling merch for almost three years.  From the t-shirts to stickers to bracelets, they are selling this merch not to make money, but to get the name of their show out there.  (They ONLY break even.) When someone wears a shirt, that is the best advertising! Tom and Dan do the shirts for fun. In three years…we’ve only had one EXTREMELY rude complaint. Most people are understanding.

      So if you order a shirt or sticker or anything, give me some time.  I have a full time job, and a full time home life.  I may not get you your shirt in a week and it might not be two weeks, and depending on how crazy life is, it might take a month, but you will get it.  So relax.  We are not here to take your money or scam you, that isn’t what A Mediocre Time is about.

      You will get your merch, and it will be what you requested, but understand we do this out of my spare bedroom in my house.  We aren’t Amazon; we don’t have priority shipping, or even express shipping.  If you need it in time for something, send us a note and I will try my best to help you out.

      I can’t get to the post office every day, that would be impossible, and really I don’t want to go there every day.  I do orders when there is enough to make a decent trip, and it’s probably going to ship out on a Saturday.

      My request is to please understand that right now this is a side project and everyone has full time jobs, so if you purchase anything you will get it.  I can’t guarantee when you will get it, but you will.  Please be patient with us.  And please be nice.  I do this to help the show and the guys out, and when someone gets mean and nasty it makes me not want to do it.

      Thanks for your support for A Mediocre Time and your continued support in buying merchandise.


      a PS from Dan…

      Nice work you dumb asses! You pissed her off and she really does work her ass off to provide something cool for you “scumbags.” I read the above letter and I sort of read it as a very long winded “I work hard for you…you don’t like it? Go fuck yourself.” Hahaha…ok. I hope she feels better and sorry if there have been merch delays but it’s been crazy lately. Thanks again for everything… #snoots


      Posted By dan on January 25 2012 | Comments (38 )


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