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    Merry Christmas!


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      It’s that special time of year.



      That might as well just be any other day! I’m talking about the time of year when Tom and I sit down and put all of the details together for our “every 6-month BDM party!” Oh yeah! This one is going to be fantastic and Tom has literally been working on it for the last 3 months! (All BDM’s who signed up before Saturday, December 21st should have received an email invite detailing everything that’s going to happen on January 11th. If for some reason you ARE a BDM Member and did not receive the email, please shoot us an email at Show@TomandDan.com so we can get your account squared away and make sure that you’re on the list!)

      With all of that said, a massive “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” welcome to all of the new people that might be finding and listening to us for the first time! Welcome to the show and welcome to our little podcast family! We’ve been doing this for the last 4+ years and things are only getting better for us…and for you! With both myself and Tom “full time” with “A Mediocre Time”, we hope to provide you with an even better and more fun product. Let’s be real. The only reason that Tom and I started doing this in the first place was because it was fun and that’s seems to be a missing ingredient in a lot of things these days! Now Tom and I have the luxury of programing things fully to our specifications with the attempt to always put the fun, laughter, and product…


      (Remember that? It’s a dying art. Trust me when I tell you.)

      So, to all of our BDM members, thank you.


      If we did not have our direct connection to all of you, we would not be doing this. Period.

      To everyone else who supports us by spreading the word, listening, wearing our merch, calling in, emailing, slapping the stickers on your cars, comes out to the events…

      …you guys are truly the finest group of listeners that 2 guys could ever ask for and we look forward to blowing this mother fucker wide open in 2014! Every little bit of effort helps us and is appreciated. Truly.

      May your days be mediocre and bright,


      Posted By dan on December 23 2013 | Comments (4 )


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