• Feb 09

    What’s Hot? Apparently we is.


    Annoy Your Friends

      We’re not sure what it means…but I was able to catch one of those rare times when we made it on the iTunes “What’s Hot” list. I’m completely clueless as to how this is calculated or how one even goes about getting on said list…but I’m a complete idiot whenever I see our logo. I just drop everything and yell “Holy shit!!! I know those guys.” (It makes me and the dogs laugh.) Thanks to all of you that have been rating and leaving comments for us on iTunes and in case you didn’t already know…on www.TomandDan.com you can comment and say things about any post that we have! Yep…that’s right…you can comment right on the post and talk to fellow “scumbags” as they comment and use the site too.

      We hope you’re all ready for a new show tomorrow. Keep downloading and telling your friends. (We’re not sure why but just do it!) Only one day left for the #dildosfordildos contest…then I start shipping rubber dicks.

      All love,


      Posted By dan on February 9 2012 | Comments (9 )


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