• Jan 01

    Happy Snoots Year BDM’s! (BDM Show Recap…)


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      New Year Tom and Dan (Small)

      A very special thanks to all of you that are already #BDM’s. (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, have you been living under a rock? We’re talking about the “Big Dick Millionaire” Premium Membership program where you actually get two extra shows a week on Tuesdays. One is a re-released “Old School” show and the other is a little something brand new. Your membership keeps the studio running. Seriously.) Today we present you with a brands new “Tom and Dan go to…” show that has us going to a Big Lots, Save-a-Lot and Family Dollar parking lot to watch free fireworks from our friend Craig over at Pyro Spot. We know what you’re thinking; how can two guys that are that good looking pull off a gala that amazing and expensive? Well, lets just say that we have connections and we’re a pretty massive deal in the world of discount and bulk stores. You’ll hear appearances by Craig from Pyro Spot, Tony Rage, both of our wives drunk, Ross, Ross’ kids and wife, and the two original BDM’s…


      Happy New Year everyone! See ya this coming Friday for our first show of the year!


      Posted By dan on January 1 2013 | Comments (9 )


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