• Jun 13

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      We’re really sorry guys, but today’s LIVE “A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan” show will not go down as planned. Tom is off dealing with a family emergency so we’re unable to record. (Crystal and the baby are fine. And please do us a favor and curb your want to tweet or Facebook him right now. Thanks.)

      Our apologies for no new show. Please enjoy these free BDM shows as a little token of our gratitude to all who support us and help us do what we do. You guys are the best!


      Posted By dan on June 13 2014 | Comments (5)

      • Daniel Bateman

        hey guys, just throwing out some good vibes to Tom Vann, American. hoping everything turns out ok. thank you for still posting a show in the middle of a family emergency. you guys are true professionals, and really stick to your standards.
        thanks again

        • Benmark

          King of Deltona, which is just a rip-off of Daytona. Sheesh, at least be original, FLORIDA.

      • arnold

        All good. Family before business! Love you boys!

      • hanshoe

        Prayers for you Tom, wether you want them or not.

      • dlock

        Just want to drop by and say wishes to you Tom, and love you guys. You bring a lot of joy to people everyday. Some days good, some bad and even on the bad ones it you guys help out and just wish we could do the same. Be listening for u, BDM 4life


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