• Feb 12

    Deleted Scene from RudeTube Interview…


    Annoy Your Friends

      Who would have thought they’d cut this from the final show?


      Posted By dan on February 12 2012 | Comments (13)

      • Rusty Weightset

        real men will jackoff  any instrument regardless of how it sounds as long as theres a chick nearby 

      • Cockmaster 3000

        I could jackoff to a washboard if I had to. 

      • boner

        **whisper voice** hey guys, welcome back to jackoff talk…

      • Grant G.

        I wish there was a camera to film their reactions to you two scumbags. . . Priceless

      • http://twitter.com/DirtbagDaryl daryl butler

        goddamn it! i love how the camera is shaking bc whoever is filming is laughing their ass off

      • Mustangmaniac23

        Is Tom wearing one of Dan’s shirts?

      • Dameontheomen

        Damn Mr TC you may have gotten a little portly? Is that a word? I didn’t go to UCF. Or have a bizinass degree. But you seem to be investing in the Russ Rollins School of scarfing down every free food put in front of your face.. I already regret that comment. Please run me down with that Lambo! Ultimate way to go..

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