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    Thanks BDM’s!


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      Thanks SO much to all of you BDM members that showed up to last nights first BDM appreciation keg party. It really means more than you guys could ever to know to have such a great group of people that help to keep the studio up and running. I’m sure that you’ve all heard that before but it’s the simple truth. You guys are the ones that pay for the internet and the website and keep the App up and running. You guys are the ones that keep our show hosted for as many shows as we’ve done solid and keep our company in the black. Without our BDM members, doing the show, even the “Friday FREE Show” would be very, very, very difficult.

      Thank you.


      Thank you.


      Thank you.

      Tom and I started the day by delivering the beer to the fine people out at Club Lake Plantation. I’m not sure if any of you sans maybe Tony Rage, who delivers beer for a living, have ever driven around town with 6-8 kegs of beer in your truck but when you do that you are instantly a rock star! We must have had 20 people walk up to us and making some crazy comment about “Go America!” or “I want to go where you’re going…” and other stuff like that. It was amazing. Little did we know just how much you “Scumbags” drink and the fact that we had to make a run for two more kegs at the end of the night because we were floating those puppies like crazy! We really hope that you guys enjoyed the free beer on us. And special thank to Randy Suggs who owns Club Lake Plantation for helping us to change the venue at the last minute. We were near on two days out and had to make a change because our original place got a little spooked with all of the RSVP’s that were coming down the pike. Randy and his wife were so kind and pretty much let us do anything that we wanted to try and make the night special for all of you. Thanks Randy! We hope to be back!

      Special thanks to Steve and his entire crew from Porkies BBQ – Apopka! (If you haven’t been to this place then you’re truly missing out.) There is no possible way that we would have ever been able to pull off this event without the help of Steve and his crew. From the delicious food that he provided and to the large breasted beer girls (and men) who continued to pour you all beer…Steve is and always will be a friend of the show. He went above and beyond to help us and for that we are forever grateful. Thanks to all of you BDMs that tipped well to Steve’s crew. They did a fantastic job with everything and helped to make the entire night smooth and drama free.

      A massive shout out to Craig from Pyro Spot Fireworks for the insane fireworks display to cap off the night! Craig would like for us to let all of you know that everything that you saw last night is something that he will have for you to purchase in June and July and he looks forward to seeing all of you scumbags at his tent real soon. The fireworks were truly the cherry on top of an excellent first BDM appreciation party.

      Much love to Jesse the Fiddle Player and to Angel from SBKLIVE for the music and entertainment. You guys added so much to the night and we can thank you enough. We hope to do it again very, very soon.

      Once again, thank you BDM’s. Thanks for taking the time to not only support the show and keep us up and running but also for hanging with us and allowing us to get to know a great deal of you a little bit better. It was a fantastic night and we’ll do it again in close to 6 months!

      Tom & Dan

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