• Mar 06

    What’s new with AMT ya say? Well…new merch and “Día de los Mediocres!”


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      First of all…we’ve got all new merch under the “merchandise” tab of TomandDan.com. We’ve added the “World Famous” t-shirt and a cheaper yet more mysterious shirt called the “grab bag.” The “grab bag” shirt is where you pick your size and we randomly send you whatever color Izlee isn’t sitting on. (That’s not true…but it’s a funny image of a dog’s ass on all of your shirts!) Check them out if you get some time…


      In other news…in case you missed the Facebook blast:

      Tom and Dan present “The Day of the Average” and are celebrating 3 full years of the “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Show!” For 1095 days these guys have been “playing radio” in Dan’s back bedroom…NOW come celebrate “Día de los Mediocres” with all of your scumbag friends! Spicy Harp is BACK! You loved him at Snootsgiving and he’s super excited to be making his 2nd AMT appearance playing his own brand of Spicy Mexican Harp to welcome you to the party. Camel Girl will be there with a few tricks up her sleeve…the first 200 in the door get a FREE Tom and Dan keychain/pain-pill holder. Enter the Syma s107g Mini-Helicopter Challenge to see if you can win your very own helicopter! To cap off the night…dance and drink to the sounds of a real Mariachi band while you enjoy the food and drinks of Wall Street Cantina! Doors open at 7pm…and we officially close shop at 10pm…or we just linger and drink. It’s “Día de los Mediocres” the 3 year anniversary of A Mediocre time with Tom and Dan.

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