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    Tom and Dan – “Boat-Cast” THE LOST PHOTOS!


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      So a lot of you “BDM’s” have been asking about some of the photos that go along with the Tom and Dan”Boat-Cast” that we released today. Sorry about that…we put a few pictures up there but there were others that seemed to get lost on Dan’s wife’s phone…let’s begin:

      This is from the part of the show when Dan was convinced that their boat was being run down by a a Middle Eastern, burn victim with a blond ponytail who had two lesbians on the deck of the boat making out while they sped past us. I know this doesn’t look like much here…but “it” had on a full face mask, gloves, and outback safari wear. Truly one of the strangest things that we’ve ever seen on the river…EVER!


      Here’s a little bit better shot of the lesbians that were sitting on the front of the boat. They were making out and were both really, really hot. In a little bit of “behind the scenes” action…we did see the Middle Eastern, burn victim with the blond ponytail person later in the day and it was a older hot granny with big ol’ strapped down tits…FYI…

      Here’s Javier attempting to burn his family’s picnic pavilion down. He must have put a gallon and a half of lighter fluid on there and he’s probably still there waiting for it to burn off so he can cook his burgers. Mmmmmm…tastes…like…metal.

      Thanks to those “BDM’s” that caught the show…for those of you that did not, we’re really sorry that you didn’t get to hear it…it was a great time. Remember we ALWAYS have the FREE FRIDAY show and we can’t wait to get back in the studio on Friday with the full gang under much more relaxed circumstances.

      All the best,


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