• Apr 30

    Technical Difficulties…


    Annoy Your Friends

      We’ve got a few issues to work out…we hope to be back soon.

      T & D

      Posted By dan on April 30 2012 | Comments (50)

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      • http://www.facebook.com/brock.aesque Brock Aesque

        as the helpdesk guy at my job, i recommend rebooting

      • http://www.facebook.com/Bacharach Ben Bacharach-White

        unplug it, wait 10 sec…. now plug it back in.

        • http://twitter.com/etchie etchie

          Possibly the best comment here.

      • chris

        Finally throwing all that shit into the river?

      • Pippy ClitStockings

        Damn!  I’m all up to date, and need to redownload #69 to keep up on my second trip down the Mediocre Road.

      • Troy

        I just discovered your podcast last night. You guys break it on purpose?

      • DangerCockababy

        NOOOOO!  I listen to the archived episodes on my days off.  I’m on show #45.  

        Now what am I supposed to do?  Watch Tv?

      • JayJay1600


      • Jam1179

        Sooo no show this week?
        New shirts?
        Fuck it throw the shit in the st johns!

      • Kyle

        The APP is pissing me off. You don’t wanna see me when I’m angry…

        • Medijocre

          It’s the backend, and not the app. Stay tuned for updates.

      • DronSand

        Boo, damn scumbags leave us no information

      • Rusty Weightset

        fuck you give me vodka

      • Jam11789

        Your shit is blank on iTunes
        I can’t download anything

      • Positone75

        Not to beat a dead horse, but to reiterate that last point.. All I-tunes archived podcasts have completely disappeared.. Thought it was something I did at first, Now I see we’re all fucked! Please fix this problem and thank you in advance for your cooperation.. (See what I did there?!)

        • DronSand

          Yeah you assumed a scumbag is gonna do something. Not a good idea

      • Nccxx

        Da Fuk?

      • Jmiahg

        I’m going through withdraws…

      • Jmiahg

        I suspect a disagreement amongst Tom and Dan or maybe some copyright issue. Maybe some kind of sieze and desist order? Maybe Rick Ross suing over the T-Shirt? Maybe this is there way of ending the podcast? Finally though it in the river, calling “technical difficulties” and never mentioning it again? Or maybe was jacking-off near the computer’s hard drive containing all of the podcasts, misfired, and took it to the back yard with an axe? All possibilities. Fellow scumbags… What is your theory on what happened bassed off of countless hours listening to these guys play radio?

        • Troy

          They added Tiffany’s harpy voice as a sound effect but it was a computer virus and infected everything, making everything sound like she was talking.

      • Flexnuts

        They hit it big with leno.. Big dick millionaires…

      • NewImage

        Damn, hope its just some kind of database issue and not some legal shit.

      • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

        Nothing is ending. We assure you. If anything…it’s only the beginning. We’re got a few things to figure out but please don’t give up on us.

        • Flampus Bumbleshunt

          No one is giving up on the show guys. It’s all peace and love from the scumbag nation.

          Anyway I think they either: A) Are honestly facing some kind of technical difficulties that will be remedied shortly 


          B) They are f’n going big time and getting picked up by XM or some crazy sh**.

          I don’t think this is anything bad…in fact, I got a good feeling.

          • Jmiahg

            So if they are going xm then we have to pay? I didn’t even get to finish to listen to them all.

        • Derek S Crum

          show tomorrow??

        • johnny ballsman

          sounds gay

        • http://twitter.com/etchie etchie

          Oh good.  I was really worried.

        • Ocaladuck

          Lies, it’s an Etchie and Broncho style break up!!

      • @SuperTSwizz85

        My theory is that they finally let that raccoon out the box and it made its new home in the tv in the box

      • Todd

        the curse of jimothy colbert

      • http://www.facebook.com/Bokeypunk Eric Holland

        Thank god I don’t delete them after downloading.  

      • Thompo007

        I hope this isn’t the result of some kind of horrible misfiring incident from two recently purchased solid gold AK47’s

      • Jmiahg

        No it was news robot. This is when a robot will crush our skulls.

      • http://twitter.com/SuperTswizz85 Stanley Siwek

        could we fix it by throwing money at the problem cause I’ll do it #lambodickstatus lets get that donate button red hot lol

      • Nope@nope.com

        Tom has become too fat to fit in the new studio.

      • Jmiahg

        I’ve tried other podcasts and they aren’t so funny. So I guess I’ll listen to the query till you guys fix it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1254134817 James Cook

        The breakup finally happened!!  I can’t wait to listen to “A Mediocre Tom” and “Time With and Dan”.  They both promise to be really mediocre.

      • Scumbag3

         i need a damn update.

      • shaanx


      • http://twitter.com/jakal323 Gary Bacchus

        Too mediocre even for iTunes…

      • Danjackson86

        damn, didnt even get to finish Jimothy’s last cast.  someone email it to me if you have it downloaded.

      • Gmparts2008

        I think im gonna jump off the bridge into the St.Johns , yepp im gonna. BYE….

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