• Mar 13

    #TBT – Strange…the YouTube hole…


    Annoy Your Friends

      It’s “Throw Back Thursday” and I owe you kids a blog for today.

      (Tom and I have been trying to get better at doing this. We really do enjoy blogging but we’ve just been running out of time.)

      A listener asked me to send him the uncensored version of the “We Mak’n Turk’y Burgers” song/video and these videos popped up in my blog. I’d never seen them but I’m really glad that I did. Repeat. I’ve never heard this before. At least not with a clear mind. But I’m glad that I went back and revisited it.

      I’ll just say it one more time…but I know that I have before.

      Thomas Vann is a great man and I appreciate the fact that he was a voice for me. It really did and still does mean more than maybe he’ll ever know. So…in response to it, I’ll post both the videos that I wandered upon, AND the “uncensored” We’re Mak’n Turk’y Burgers” video. (That bullshit is perfect for cleansing your pallet.)

      The coolest part is that this is life and all part of this amazing process and journey that we’re on. Personally, I would like for you to experience both the OUTSTANDING and the not so fun potions of what we have go through. It just makes it more real. Trust me when I say that “authenticity” is the MOST underrated quality that’s bounced around these days. In fact, I believe that there’s a massive deficit of it. So…squirm a little bit. It’s good for you. It’ll grow hair on your chest. (Ladies. There’s no need to watch. We don’t need hairy tits.)



      Posted By dan on March 13 2014 | Comments (16)

      • Danny

        In the words of the great R, Kelly, “Real Talk.”

      • Nick w

        God damn russ sounds like the biggest fag in these segments. Jesus Christ dd how u put up with his fuckin ass is beyond me.

      • Nick w

        Oh and long live mother fuckin tom and dan

      • Brian W.

        I remember listening to this live. After giving it another listen I couldn’t help but giggle at listening to a certain somebody flounder and bumble around. Man I feel sorry for the miners in that quarry.

      • jdshorrock

        One could only wish that Tom got up and pissed on Russ’ mic.

      • https://sites.google.com/site/bkoviz/ Brian OHalloran

        That was the last day I listened to the quarry… and I started listening from the very beginning. I was a big fan of Dan before the quarry when he worked with Drew Garabo. I can honestly say that in the past 24 years of me working in front of a computer screen (with headphones on), Dan has always made it tolerable. Dan, you are the funniest person I’ve ever heard on the radio. I appreciate the time and effort you have put forth to help all of us laugh. It was an easy decision to become a BDM. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to be open. There have been many moments where the two of you have spoke of a topic and/or random thought from a mediocre day in your life, that have reflected my thoughts exactly. It’s a good feeling to know that I’m not the only one who thinks/feel that way. I support you both you and Tom in your journey towards success.

      • P. D.

        It’s funny, I haven’t listened to the Monsters since this announcement show. TC’s voice, and his words just showed me that that station doesn’t deserve my listenership. Fuckin’ animals. That show lost the 2 greatest talents on the whole station. (No offense to tNJ). Fuck Russ.

      • Benmark

        Russ is like negative world James Bond- just super awkward and shitty.

      • Nick G

        Next TBT needs to be scenes from “Smoking Ninja”.

      • AJ

        I remember listening to this live and thinking “what the fuuuuuuuuuck?!” Sad day for sure. Glad Tom was there to tell Russ what’s what.

      • Jamie

        “Russ you strike me as a selfish person”, that caller said it.

        Listening to Russ flub through the story and trying so hard to be on ‘our’ side by referring to ‘them’ and ‘they’ making the call to part ways…claiming to have nothing to do with it… blah. Painful. Thanks for posting, I didn’t catch this live (and never caught anything live there after- once I read the news online)

        • BIG_OLAF

          Yeah, we all know he had a part in the outcome. Listening to him stutter and repeat himself a million times was pretty hilarious, looking back. I bet he was blinking really hard and sweating the whole time.

      • Johnny Gerhardt

        God damn russ sounds like the biggest Douche, Sad-Sad to listen to BUT………….. so fucking happy now for DD When I heard this Live, I really wish Tom would of spoken his mind a tad more, he kept well restrained. Totally stoked for these to mad men that make us laugh and be a small part of their lives!

      • (cutaia)

        Who the fuck puts commercials into the YouTube video?

      • Mike

        Calling russ a douche would be disrespectful to douches.

      • blackbird

        Christ, you can tell Russ is lying through his teeth the whole time through those clips. That last caller hit the nail on the head with the “something fishy going on”. I kind of got chills when he told Tom to ‘watch his back’, too.


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