• Aug 01

    Show #582 – Pour 1 Out 4 PizzFace


    Annoy Your Friends

      First off…..

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      Hey there, kids!

      Today was a f’n blast! I sort of needed it and maybe you did too. There are times when I need some of the funniest people that I know, to rally behind me and just make me laugh. Don’t do anything OTHER than make me laugh. That’s all that I need. That’s what sort of happened today and let’s get into it:

      On this week’s show:

      * RIP Pissface- Pour one out for Pissface
      * Tom got the Timmy at Lowe’s
      * Ballsy Butler
      * Tom Doordashed Cracker Barrel to the wrong address
      * Skype with Ross
      * Scrabble update
      *Tom- “Stealing turds is dumb”
      * 1920 or 2020?
      * Russian Rambo
      * Opium
      * Dr. Faucci’s first pitch
      * Bay of piglets
      * Skype with Griftin Jess
      * White Monster = Titusville Champagne
      * Tom’s glass forest
      * Marnie the butterfly
      * Skim boards
      * Maximum sharpness

      I’ve got more to say but I’m pissy so I’m just going to peace-out. I love you all – the best listeners in the f’n world and we will see you all back here on Monday. Bet on it!


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