• Jun 28

    Show #527 – Wife Prank Wars


    Annoy Your Friends


      Dan, Adele Givens, and Tom.

      Hey there, kids!

      Thanks for downloading and thanks for your time. Truly.

      So today was a little different in the fact that we were missing our dear producer Samantha, so the show notes are going to be complete crap. By crap, we mean that there are very little notes. As in none. We don’t take the time to do that because we’re idiots. BUT, with that said, it was a hilariously funny show featuring our very good friend Chris Fisher from the BYOCB podcast on news! So I’m off to do the 200th episode of “Scotch and Good Conversation” so look out for that and we’ll talk to all of you on Monday!

      Before we get into the nut of the show, it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to tell you all of the different places that you can listen to the show at. Obviously, the easiest and number 1 is from the FREE “Tom and Dan app.” Man, it seems like we’ve had an app for years and that’s because we have. One of the first to do it locally for listening and not just communication, we’re always looking to improve on the app and make it better. Like most things, it’s not perfect, but it gets better every time that we attempt to update it. If you’re like most people and have an Android device, you can find the app HERE. Most, if all of the complaints that we’ve had about the app, frequently come from the Android side. I think that’s just because there’s such a wide variety of smartphones out there so it can be a bit tedious. If you’re an Apple turd, like most of us on the show, you can find your version of our app HERE. With anything, we are nothing without your participation and feedback. If you do have trouble with the app or if you find something that you think we need to correct, please email us at Show@TomandDan.com so we can pass that on to our developers. It really does help because we’re always updating and trying to improve.

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