• May 03

    Show #519 – White Trash Folklore


    Annoy Your Friends


      Happy “First Friday in May” ya’ll!

      Tom and I and the entire T&D Media gang hope that these show notes find you more than well! As many of you know, “The Bus” has taken on a new role as a storyteller for the Orange County Sherrif’s Office so it looks like we’re going to see less of him on the Friday Free Shows, but we expected that. We’re super stoked for him and wish him nothing but the best as he transitions into his new position. I’m more than sure that he will pop up again once he gets a few months under his belt. Congrats, Bus! To go from this show to be a full-on narc is pretty f’n hilarious! Don’t taze us, bro! And do you have any yank when it comes to parking tickets downtown?

      We’re stoked to have Owen from “The Oh No Radio Show” sitting in with us today for news! Owen has been podcasting in this area for a very, very, VERY long time and runs one of the tightest podcasts in the business. Do us a solid, and be sure and check out their show! They have some of the best bits that I’ve ever seen and they’re beyond nice! Just all around great folks!

      It looks like the Orlando Weekly is doing their “Best of Orlando” deal again and I’m a little conflicted this year. Normally, we ask you guys to vote but with so many other awesome podcasts out there…I honestly don’t know whether to start begging or just ignore it this year? It was always fun to join together to try and win something, but now we’re so busy that we don’t have time for a lot of this stuff. (Not at all saying that it’s not important…but is it? Hahaha…) I’m sure we’ll eventually get around to the begging so here’s a link if you’d like to jump over to their site, throw us a vote or 100 and give them clicks…because let’s all be honest. It’s all about the clicks. That’s the main reason that they do this every year.

      Did you get your email about the big BDM gathering that’s coming up soon? Not a BDM member? This is going to be the first, truly family-friendly BDM event that we’ve done and I’m really f’n excited about it! If you did not receive your BDM email or if there has been an issue with your account, please email show@tomanddan.com and we’ll do our best to get all of that patched up for you. (If you’re emailing on the weekend, please note that replies might be in the evenings or early mornings because of life shiz…haha) If you’re not a BDM member but have been thinking about it, we would LOVE to have you! It’s the true community and family of what we do…and that’s what you guys are the best listeners in the world!

      On this week’s show:

      • Tom’s sick
      • Tommy’s school orientation
      • School lunches
      • Rucker the Trucker calls in- Bullied by his dad for being gay even though he’s not
      • Board shorts vs speedos/short shorts
      • Riff Raff and Mike Busey’s rehab commercials
      • Going to music festivals
      • Using the term “gay” as a negative
      • Learning to swim 
      • White trash folklore
      • Max is a Cadbury kid just like his dad
      • BDM for Gripes
      • Nerdy is trendy
      • Dad’s from the 80s
      • Motion of the Ocean/Doing the dolphin
      • Products with Owen from Oh No Radio Show
      • Growler draft system
      • Dream Dribble with Tim Hardaway 
      • Noisyband
      • Menstrual cups/ Period World: Worst theme park 

      Thanks, as always for pressing play, emailing the show, hanging in the Twitch chatroom, watching the replays on YouTube, and for participating on social media. You guys never cease to amaze us and we’re proud and excited that you’re along for the ride. Have a wonderful weekend!


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