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    Annoy Your Friends

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      Dan, Kountry Wayne, and Tom.

      Tomorrow ended up being Monday but hey, I’m doing it at least. Haha…

      Hey, there gang! Dan, coming at you from AMTStudio3. As I try to dig through all of the tragic news that seems to be coming in about the shooting in Las Vegas, I figured a nice distraction would be for me to finally finish this past Friday’s show notes. Sigh. So that’s where we’re at. I will tell you this though – Tom and I are dedicated more than ever to trying to help all of us forget about all of this bullsh*t that seems to be swirling around us lately. That means that you’re not really going to hear us address stuff like this on the show. We all need a break from the stress so we’re going to stick with what we think we know best and just try to make you laugh.

      So, on this past Friday’s show:

      -Jimmy 159 is here!

      -Souper Duper event

      -Fast forward to earlier

      -Tom thought he was having a heart attack

      -Tom was “having a problem”

      -Jimmy is coming on the T&D Cruise!!

      -Mr. Egg and the Little Girl

      -Jimmy recaps his Washington trip

      -Lee’s Eagles of Death Metal experience

      -Firetruck soup

      -Lou P. Hole

      It’s always so freaking cool when we can have Jimmy in on the show. Most of you already know this, but Jimmy being on the show – back on old Show #159 was a very pivotal moment for the show. As we define it, it was the time that we truly knew that we were ruffling people’s feathers so much that there was no other option for us. We knew that we were going to have to do this for our careers and well, here we are.

      Ok, guys. Nothing but love to you all. To all of our Las Vegas listeners, please know that we are with you. Orlando knows what this feels like and our energy – our love – and all of our thoughts are with you now as you try to figure out why people do such awful things.

      All the best,


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